Not long after we moved into our home we bought, my husband brought home two metal chairs with a table to complete the set. The retro metal patio furniture has been neglected long before we came in possession of it.

Materials Needed for Painting Metal Retro Patio Furniture

  • Water hose with nozzle and old rag for rinsing and washing off any dirt and another crud.
  • Wire Brush for removing any loose paint and rust.
  • 3 cans of Krylon gray spray paint primer for coating the furniture after cleaning.
  • 5 cans of hammered copper Krylon spray paint for metal.


I asked friends on Facebook for color suggestions. Some went for red and white for the Oklahoma Sooners and others suggested different shades of red and yellow as my color choices.


I tried using a brush and paint but didn’t like the brush strokes showing up after drying. That is why I listed spray paint as the paint method. I also found using spray paint helps get into the crevices without taking the chairs apart.


Be sure to do the painting in a well-ventilated area. Preferably outside in the yard.

Spray the primer to cover the chairs. It will take a can and a half to cover each chair. Start with either the top, the sitting area up, or the bottom, the underside and cover the metal with the primer spray paint. Let dry thoroughly. About 2 hours on a hot sunny day.

Once dry, turn the chairs over and spray paint. Let dry thoroughly. About 2 hours on a hot sunny day.


If it isn’t a hot, sunny day, the paint will take longer to dry.


If you prefer, bypass the primer on the chairs and use eight cans of the hammered Krylon spray paint. If you go with the primer and a different type of spray paint, you will need to have a total of six cans of primer for a patio set like this one.

After metal furniture is primed and dry, spray paint with paint you chose in your favorite colors. You will need to follow the method used when priming.

You may also find you may need to touch up some areas after moving and turning the furniture due to the paint rubbing off.

While I did ask for color suggestions from my Facebook friends, unfortunately, I did not go with any of the specific colors. I chose copper hammered spray paint instead. The upside though is the color copper has white, burnt sienna, red, and cadium red. Copper could also be blended with red, orange-red, and gold. It just all depends on who you ask.


  • Two Chairs and One Table: Free
  • Paint and Primer: 34.09

Time to Paint:

12 hours approximately over 4 days.

Never underestimate the power of used stuff. A coat of primer and paint with this retro patio furniture gave it a whole new look.