Just like how you deal with clothes, you also need to carefully mix and match your furniture around the house. For example, would a rattan corner sofa work together with an iron-made table? Probably not. Thus, it is important to know the guidelines on how to do this. Without further ado, here are the tips and tricks on how to mix and match your furniture in the house.

Find a centerpiece

To simplify the process of mixing and matching your designer furniture with a vintage one, it is best to find a centerpiece that will hold everything together. In every room, there is a piece that catches the eye and sets the tone of the entire room. The centerpiece of the room can be anything from a big jar to a rug as long as you work around to mix and match your other furniture. At least you have somewhere to start and not just blindly picking a spot.

Take the weight of the furniture into consideration

The weight of each furniture you take in will greatly affect how your furniture looks together. If you already have heavy and huge furniture such as wooden dining table, it would be best to pair it with something lighter such as chairs and centerpieces that won’t catch too much attention. You can also add plants to calm down the look of the weight of the furniture. This may not seem a big deal at first but eventually, when you put all things together, you will be able to see that it affects the entire aesthetic.

Put pieces together that could be from the same time period

Another way to smartly mix and match your modern and vintage pieces is to maybe group them according to the time period in which their design can be in. You could put florals together or roman designs. This is a way to mimic that time frame without actually have to use items that are that old. This will also make shopping for furniture easier because you already know what you want.

Makes colors and patterns work together

This is probably the most common tip of all, make sure that your colors and patterns complement each other. It is very important to make these two elements work because they comprise the most common styles you will see in most furniture. This won’t be easy to do for some because not everyone has the eye for design. If you are having doubts with some of your choices, you can definitely ask help from a friend or a professional. Just get a second opinion or you can also do your research by reviewing articles and blogs online. You can definitely learn a lot from other people’s experiences.

Don’t be afraid!

Last but not least is do not be afraid to play around! You can be creative and only you have the final say on how you want your space to look like. It is your house and your decisions should stick no matter what.