Custom labels are considered to be an easy and quick way to build recognition for any business. They are called custom labels for a reason – you can customize how your brand label will look like. Whether it is plain or artistic, it all depends on what message you want to deliver to your customers through your label.

There is no dearth of custom label makers online and offline which help you choose and design a label from several different options. But before you go ahead and order a bulk of customized labels for your brand, you can have a few questions in your mind. For example, what exactly can you achieve by using a well-designed custom label? What points should be kept in mind while designing custom labels? How important is the design of the brand label? This post discusses all of this and also provides tips to help you get the best price for your custom brand labels.

How are custom labels beneficial for a business?

  1. Custom labels are any brand’s unique identity

Usually a brand designs its labels keeping in mind the message it wants to deliver to its customers. A label should be a reflection of the brand’s ideology and match the vibes of the product being sold. A well-designed label is a business’s unique identity among several others available in the market.

  1. Custom labels help connect with customers

Custom labels are easy ways for customers to recognize your brand from among other products of the same niche that are being sold in the market. When people get to know your brand from your label, they can recognize and locate it even from a distance.

  1. Custom labels help customers make decisions

A good practice is to include some important information in brief on your custom-designed label. This can be a little about the product being sold under the brand label, its ingredients, special features if any, and also the price and quantity. In this way, you are coming out more transparent with your customers. It not only helps them choose better, but also helps to build a relationship of trust between you and your consumers.

  1. Custom labels are easy ways of communication

Custom labels are now not only easy to design, print and place order in bulk, but also the entire process is quick. This is because of the sheer number of services offering to get your label right and at some of the best prices. Thus with custom label designing and ordering made easy, it is a simple way to market your product effectively among masses.

What to keep in mind while designing custom labels?

While you are set to design customized labels for your product, you should keep the following points in mind.

  1. The color of the label

Research has shown that human beings relate to different colors with different emotions at a subconscious level. It is thus important for you and your team to understand what type of emotion you want to incite in your customer with the brand label. Choose the colors wisely, and your label can communicate to people in a far better way.

  1. The type of adhesive

The labels are not limited to just designs. There are innumerable types of adhesives used for the labels. You need to consider a few factors while choosing the right adhesive. These could be the type of surface on which the label needs to be stuck, the temperature and humidity at which the label will be pasted on the product, and the temperature your product will be stored, etc.

  1. The dimensions of the label

The dimension of the product dictates the dimension of the label. You should choose a label proportionate to the dimensions of the product for which it is to be used.

  1. The design of the label

Once you are done with deciding the shape and colors of the label, your next step is to design the label. Use only the right mix of colors, which are in sync with the brand ideology. You can also want to place your brand logo on the label, add other intricacies unique to your brand. Put some useful information and choose a good font in which the label will be printed. These are small but significant factors that work behind designing a good label.

How to get best deals on labels?

As a business it could be your aim to get the best deal for the price. Below are a few tips which can guide you to getting some best deals for custom labels among various vendors.

  • Look for free design services – many vendors actually offer free designing consultation for your custom labels. You only need to pay the printing and shipping charges.
  • Send in your own design – if you already have a design in mind, you can send the same to a few selected vendors. You will receive a free digital proof in PDF format as well as quotes from different vendors. This will help you choose the one with reasonable pricing without compromising in quality.
  • Look for free shipping – many online or offline vendors can offer you free shipping for your bulk order of customized labels. Getting slashed shipping charges is also a good deal.
  • Check for clearance sale – various vendors put up clearance sale for custom labels. It is a good economic way to place your order for custom labels during such sales.
  • Redeem promo codes – certain custom label-vendors offers promo code when you sign up with them, or during your first purchase. These codes are tokens of goodwill gesture from the vendor to the customer. Look for vendors that offer promo codes on your order.

However, always keep in mind that cheap is not always the best. Never compromise on quality of the custom labels when looking for deals and offers. Also read up reviews of vendors online, before selecting one to place your custom label orders with.