Dramatic play boxes provide children with an amazing pretend play experience. They benefit so much from pretend play and these boxes take that to a new level. A dramatic play box is simply a container of themed contents that give your child the best dramatic play experience possible. Children feel very special when their parent or loved ones takes the time and energy to create something for them alone. Dramatic play boxes reinforce the idea that homemade is better than anything store bought. They are great to make for parents because we finally get to choose every detail about our child’s toy. You will not be opposed to any of the contents or feel that they are inappropriate because you picked them all. Because most of the contents are not licensed, the box is very inexpensive. It is as much fun to make for adults as it is for children to play.

Hopefully you get the point as to why dramatic play boxes can be so great. Now, you can create a SPY one. You can use any container, preferably with a lid. The file type is a perfect choice for this dramatic play box because we have often seen spies or detectives carry out evidence in file boxes in movies. They are cheap and you have a clean slate to create on. You do not have to follow my advice closely at all. Use your own ideas about what your childwould love and give them an excellent pretend play experience every time you pull out the box. Here are my content ideas for a SPY dramatic play box.

– Caution tape.

-Fake mustache.

– Leather jacket or coat (thrift store).

– Plain pants.

– Cell phone.

– Latex gloves (dollar store).

– Tweezers to pick up items.

– magnifying glass (dollar store).

– Wide brimmed hat (grandpa hat).

– Trench coat with a tie at the waist (thrift store)

– Different sized paint brushes to dust for finger prints.

– Manila envelope marked EVIDENCE across it.

– Briefcase, metal case (you could use a poker case if you needed to).

– Brown boots (thrift store).

– Walkie talkies (working toy ones will work but the dollar store sells fake toy ones for a buck).

– Sunglasses..

– Notebooks for data entry.

– Binoculars.

– There are several spy toys on the market that you could put in here if they are affordable for you. Wild Planet makes glasses and other devices to listen in on friends and family. The sets are pretty inexpensive.

But still these tools are well worth to see the pleasure and joy in the eyes of your child and there can be nothing better than that for the parents to experience and who knows, it inspire him to take up a strong career path where he can use this technique to demonstrate his expertise in this field.

Think about how creative you can be with these things. He can pull it all out and transform himself. You can make it as elaborate (lots of clothes, lots of items). Or, you can make it simple and add things as your child gets new SPY toys or costumes as gifts.

Remember to keep your child in mind while creating his box. You can’t go wrong when you are using the recipient as your guide. Good luck!.