Owing a massage table is one of the more expensive and important purchase a therapist makes. There are different needs, clients and practices a massage therapist does, hence acquiring the correct massage table becomes and important task.

If you are planning to purchase a best portable massage tables, remember the key features to look at to give the ultimate experience to the service you provide.

Fixed or Portable

Purchasing a fixed or portable massage table depends on the kind or service you are providing. Will you be working from office or out of the office? A fixed table is unmovable, stable and heavy and can be used for all purpose, where as a portable table can be easily folded and carried. I would suggest to opt for a portable table as it can be used both ways without disrupting the structure.

Table Width and Height

To avoid body mechanics, choosing a right sized table is important. A table that is too small or big, narrow or wide, tall or short, will give you an immense pain while doing the job. Table comes in variety of width and height, varying between 28 – 35 inches width and 20-36 inches height. You cannot adjust the width, however can stretch upto 10 inches of height. So, following the rule, table height should be parallel to your hip joint, allowing you the complete access to do perfect work.

Padding Thickness

For better client comfort and long-term client relation, quality of table and comfortable mattress plays an important role. Try avoiding plywood and lightweight & thin mattress. Use of thick foam padding has longer life. There are various firmness of padding available in market from plush to extra-firm. You can also opt for the table with less firm foam in the breast area for more comfort. The firmness depends on the kind of massage you will be providing.


Weight is not important if you choose fixed table, whereas stability is. However, weight and stability are very importable if you decide on portable massage table. A sold table may weigh from 150 – 300 pounds in comparison to portable table which will only weigh between 22 – 30 pounds, making it easier to carry.


When you are spending huge amount of money on massage table, you definitely would want to make sure that it lasts long. Table with Maple of Birch hard wood will last longer than a soft pine wood. You can also choose eco-friendly table made from Bamboo. Beware to select the fabric and material that is easy to clean and environment friendly.


Lastly, don’t over go your budget. Go for a less expensive table when in school and later purchase a table with long durability as while in school it will run because of practice. Once the practice is over by then you will have more knowledge about the features you want and can make a better selection then.

Few tips to add on to make you purchase for massage table easy –

  • Don’t miss out on any Guarantees. Purchase the table that comes with warranty or guarantee with 1 year as standard.
  • Try avoiding the lifting backrest tables, as this is only useful to mobile therapists
  • Don’t ignore the table dimensions.
  • Try avoiding cheap and skimpy tables, this will result in new purchase in short time.

Hopefully, now you have a better idea about what king of massage table you need.