Keeping a relationship going is hard even in the best of situations. Relationships take time and hard work. Both people must be committed to keep the relationship alive for it work. A long distance relationship takes even harder work and dedication.

The strain of not seeing each other and getting to do things together can take it toll on even the greatest of relationships. Sometimes even doubt and suspicions can start to plague a relationship. There are things though that you can do to keep the relationship alive and weather the hardships of a long distance relationship.

Talk on the phone:

Take the time to talk on the phone with each other. Hearing each others voices can help to ease the strain on your long distance relationship. The costs of talking long distance can add up pretty quickly. To cut down on these cost the two of you should invest in cellular phones. Make sure that the cell phone provider that you choose offers free mobile to mobile calling. This way the two of you can talk on the phone and not run up a long distance bill. A great company to go with that will offer you no roaming charges and free mobile to mobile is Cingular. With no roaming charges also you don’t have to worry about being in a location where you are acquiring roaming fees.

Email Each Other:

Sending quick little emails to each other can help to keep you in touch. This is great for sending quick little messages of love. E-card offer a great way to send cute, romantic or just plain goofy cards electronically to each other. There are several places on the internet that offer these for free. With them being free take advantage of them. Just remember that although you may be missing the person, don’t spam their email accounts with a lot of emails and e-cards. This could do more damage than good for a long distance relationship. The building of trust on each other is necessary. Through the email, catching girlfriend cheating is effective for the boys. They can check the mail box of the partner as spy for checking any cheating.

Old Fashion Letter Writing:

Nothing beats a good old fashion letter that comes in the mail. With your loved one being away a good hand written letter will give them something tangible that they can read and touch. This letter is a tangible object that they can carry around with them. The fact that you took the time to write it by hand will speak volumes. It does not really matter what you write as long as you write. Write about the day you just had, tell them how much you love them and can’t wait to see them again. If you have a sense of humor then show that off in your letters.

Take Pictures:

Take some normal everyday pictures at home to send to them. This will give them something to look at. Have someone take pictures of you while you are grocery shopping, folding laundry or any other normal daily activity. This will help your partner feel like they are there with you and connect with your everyday life now that your relationship has become a long distance relationship. Have fun with the pictures.

Video Chat:

Invest in getting webcams that way the two of you can talk and see each other at the same time. While you can’t actually touch each other , you can pretend to be in the same room. So let loose and talk like you normally would if you were in the same room together.

While nothing will take the place of being close together , these suggestion will help to ease the strain of a long distance relationship. By dwelling on the fact that they are not near you , you will do more damage than good for your relationship. So remember to keep everything up beat so that you do not upset or depress your loved one. Keep in mind that the long distance between the two of you is hard on them too.