Canister vacuums are the answer to cleaning hardwood floors minimizing the chances of damage due to scuffs, scratches and scars. These canister vacuums are far superior to other kinds of vacuum cleaners. Since they are small and compact, they are excellently suited to cleaning shelves, furniture, curtains and other inaccessible places. A heavier, bulkier unit would be difficult to handle and will need some complicated maneuvering. To help you decide which the best is for you, we have compiled significant data on the best selling vacuum canisters on the market today. Each one has certain unique features which puts them among the top of the lot.

The Hoover S4765-040 WindTunnel Electronic Bagless canister vacuum is one of the most popular models today. The model uses the famed Hoover WindTunnel technology with heaps of power to tackle the toughest situations. It efficiently cleans both bare floors and thick carpets. The finger-touch speed controls are superb and convenient when constant changes are necessary. Easy to use, the model justifies the price-tag. Looking for the best vacuum for your car? The price-tags are the foremost thing that should be considered through the person. The changes in the technology will be important for cleaning the car. 

Another hot-shot canister vacuum is Eureka’s Boss. At 12-amps, this model has ample power and cleans your home with the minimum of physical strain. It has other features like an on-board crevice tool and device floor nozzle. These are handily located making it an attractive attribute which sells itself.

With rave reviews backing it, the Panasonic MC-CG973 is another model of canister vacuum that’s high on the charts. Its excellent 14-inch power nozzle can clean every kind of conceivable floor surface. It too is driven by a 12-amp motor for high efficiency quick and effective cleaning.

Sanyo’s SC-270 Bagless Canister boasts multi-stage filtration which ensures the removal of allergens and debris. The design is attractive and it is loaded with on-board tools to ease the chore of cleaning. It also has an in-built motor protection system. Because of these unique features it ranks with the top.

Panasonic’s MC-3920 model is a top seller because of the ease with which it can be maneuvered. Lightweight and with an easy-to-hold handle, it lends itself to being taken easily up and down stairs and easily penetrates hard to reach crevices. A small detail like a flip top dust cover, makes dirt and debris disposal so much easier. It rates with the best.

There is no dearth of vacuum canisters in the market today. The best way of selecting the one most suited to you is to test them out. No matter which model you decide on, those mentioned in the article are the hottest sellers. When using them, cleaning becomes an effortless pleasure. Besides, the singular features each one of them boasts has taken them to the top of the pile. You will have to evaluate which is the one for you.