The last few days before your wedding will undoubtedly be some of the most stressful days of your life. From putting together the last minute details to confirming all of your vendors, you will face a multitude of tasks that leave you feeling frazzled and overwhelmed in the days before you walk down the aisle. Hosting a fun, laid back spa day with your bridesmaids the day before your wedding will help you unwind, relax and prepare for your wedding day. Here are some ideas for hosting a spa day with your bridesmaids. You can also learn about the med spa services by clicking here.

Homemade Treatments

To keep your costs to a minimum and try something new, consider making your own homemade treatments using ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Believe it or not, you can create a firming mask using pure egg whites, pore strips using gelatin and milk, and a facial toner using rice water. There are literally thousands of recipes that you can make to try out with your favorite ladies. Sit down with your bridesmaids and choose a minimum of three beauty treatments you want to make during your spa day.


Pedicures are extremely important, especially if you or your bridesmaids are wearing open-toe shoes. Go all out and give yourselves professional-grade pedicures by soaking and exfoliating your feet before painting your toenails. Finish off your pedicures with a good moisturizer and comfy socks after your toenail polish has dried.

Cheese and Wine

Relax and indulge with a bottle of your favorite wine and a gourmet cheese platter while you and your bridesmaids try out all of the different spa treatments. You can pick up a cheese platter at any grocery store fairly inexpensively.

Wedding Movies

To prepare for the big day ahead, rent a few wedding-related movies to watch while you and your bridesmaids pamper. The movie doesn’t have to be all about weddings. For example, “Steel Magnolias” is an excellent choice. It’s a chick-flick classic and it features a wedding in the opening of the film. Other movies you might want to watch include “Mamma Mia,” “Bridewars” or “Revenge of the Bridesmaids.” You and your girls can laugh and enjoy the movies while waiting for your hair treatments to rinse or your face masks to dry.

Makeup and Hair Run-Throughs

If you want to make sure everyone has some last-minute practice doing their hair and makeup for the wedding, your spa day is the perfect time to do so. Before starting your beauty treatments, have everyone practice their hair and makeup. Compare and critique one another. It is best to do this prior to starting the treatments because you do not want to put makeup on a freshly washed face after clearing your pores out doing spa treatments.