Electric razors have taken the world by storm. People have started to discard the traditional method of shaving and trimming by using blades or steel razors. In their place, they have started to use electronic trockenrasierer which help them to get a much cleaner and precise shave. Electric razors are the modern way of keeping yourself groomed throughout the year. However, there are not one but different kinds of electronic razors. So today we are going to talk about them here.

What are the various kinds of electronic razors?

Here are the three major kinds of electronic razors which you will find in the market –

Electric Rotary Shavers 

these shavers come with three or four different rotating head. They are good for those who have thick or fast growing beard which grows inconsistently. If you are not a regular shaver, then these are the best electric razors you should have in your kit.


  • Great for thick beard which grows in different directions inconsistently
  • Long term and solid performance
  • Good for those who don’t shave regularly


  • Not suitable for those who have sensitive skin and can cause irritation
  • Not great for very precise shaving


Electric Foil Shavers 

foil shavers are equipped with a thin layer of foil which usually covers the oscillating blade. It has two major objectives – it lifts the hait away from surface of the skin for a clean and neat cut. Secondly, limits the time the blade spends on the skin surface. For those who look for precise and frequent shaving, Electric Foil Shavers are the best product for them.


  • Much more precise and sharp shaving results every time, when compared to Electric Rotary Shavers
  • Leads to less irritation and rashes because of the reduced skin contact


  • Not meant for those who like to shave or trim by moving the razor in circles
  • Can be a bit difficult to use if there are too much of contours on your face

Clipper or Beard Shaver 

the third kind of electronic razor that you can find in the market are the Clipper or Beard Shavers. These are the razors that can be used for different purposes. Both for trimming and also for shaving your beard, this product can be used without any hassles. You can use this razor in multiple direction without any worries while shaving.


  • These can be easily used on any beard and head (and even below the belt) without any risk of irritation
  • These razors are fantastic and very precise if you want to maintain stubble
  • Quick and efficient. Saves a lot of time


  • Not for everyone’s style and finish
  • The shaving is not perfectly precise

So, here are the 3 different kinds of electronic razors which are available these days. People shop for them depending on the kind of beard they have grown and want to maintain.

Final Words

if you are planning to buy a new razor, make sure to check and decide what style of beard you want to maintain. Without the right razor, you will not be able to groom yourself. Grooming the right way will always make you feel more confident and better. Hence, do check the kinds of razors that we have mentioned. You can find a number of brands manufacturing these products for the people with variety of features.