Money management international is the most renowned and reputable consumer credit counseling company in The United States of America. Money management international operates in the field of debt reduction and consumer credit counseling. The company has a history of success which spans over five decades. Money management international was founded in 1958.

The company has since then helped millions of clients with their financial problems. Money management international offers several services to her clients for regaining financial stability.

Money Management International – Debt Counseling Company

Money management international has always worked in the best interests of her clients. The company provides services in the field of bankruptcy counseling, debt counseling, and debt education. Money management international firmly believes that debt problems cannot be fixed by just repaying. Consumers need to have knowledge about how to control their budget and spend in a wise manner.

Housing Counseling and Financial Guidance by MMI

Apart from these services, money management international also has to offer other services to her clients. These services include housing counseling assistance and financial guidance. Money management international has collaborated with consumer credit counseling service to form the largest non-profit debt management agency in The United States of America.

Affiliations of Money Management International

Any debt management organization gains credibility only after it begins to help her clients successfully. Money management international is a founding member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. Apart from this, it is also a member of The Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies.

Contact Money Management International

Consumers who need financial guidance and counseling in regard to debt can contact the company at any time. The company representatives are ever ready to assist clients in their problems. Clients can also take a private appointment with counselors. The company has offices in twenty-four states in U.S.A and the District of Columbia.

Income Budgeting and Debt Counseling by MMI

Consumers can take benefit from the excellent income budgeting and debt counseling service. Assistance on filing for bankruptcy is provided and over the years, many clients have successfully filed for bankruptcy. Consumers can also take part in educational programs. These programs are conducted on the internet and on the telephone for debt counseling and training on income control is also provided.

Foreclosure Prevention Service – Bad Mortgage Solutions

Foreclosure prevention is another service offered by the company. Consumers who have not successfully paid their mortgage installments can benefit from this facility.

Consumers can work with expert company representatives who shall help in designing a plan with which, home ownership shall be seized quickly.

Financial Workshops for Consumer`s Awareness

Financial workshops are conducted by money management international. These workshops are aimed towards increasing the knowledge of clients about finance and commerce. This education can bring positive effects on the life on consumer and his/her family in near future.

Free of Cost Counseling Sessions by MMI

Clients are advised to contact money management international when the need for debt advice is felt. The organization is committed to bringing a positive change in the lives of consumers. Counseling sessions are provided free of cost by the company which may be attended by consumers.

Money Management International Contact Information
9009 West Loop South, 7th Floor
Houston, TX 77096-1719

Phone: 1-866-889-9347