Are you an avid gamer? Are you passionate about spending time and energy to various challenging games? Then you must have heard of AFK Arena. This is the one of the popular most game in this era which people spend hours on. This is basically a RPG game with innovative style. Character construction, team making, unlocking heroes to create an unparallel squad are what the game consists of. Players of AFK Arena like the game because of its innovative style and the challenge it passes for the players. After overcoming each challenge, you can step into new challenge where you will discover lots of new features and possibilities to enhance your experiences.

AFK Arena has several features and players like many of them. Which feature you like the most? Well, we have an elaborated tier list of AFK arena for your ease of understanding.

AFK Arena is a unique game that demands the players know about every feature it includes. Also, to win the battle of the game and pass each level, it is important to have a thorough idea about the same.


At the very beginning the game would seem very easy to you. You may pass 10-12 levels at ease within 15 minutes or so. After that you will reach Ranhorn from where your actual journey as a player would start. Ranhorn has several areas which you need to know before starting the journey.

The Noble Tavern

This feature enables you to add new heroes. This place will provoke you to spend a lot of money to summon new characters which have brilliant attributes. However, spending a lot of moeny here will be a wrong decision for you. You will get scope to hire more characters in bulk and at 10% lesser price.

Temple of Ascension

In this section, you can enhance the strength of your characters. This is the place to increase the powers of your heroes. To upscale them to higher level you need to sacrifice the troops. Upgrade of the characters will help you enhance the statistics.


During the course of the game, you need to learn a lot of things and this is the feature that enables you to learn more. The Esperia Mythology is one of the crucial things that you must know about. Also, in this stage you will be able to draw passive rewards while filling up the space in every legend. The more you add, the higher is your chance to get bonuses. These bonuses in the long run will help you to enhance your gaming experience by strengthening your side.

Resonating Crystal

This feature consists of the Pentagram that creates space for your five heroes. There are other empty slots in the houses where you can allocate other heroes. Here, you will get the chance of reaching the lowest level hero in the Pentagram. The heroes are there to maintain their rank for the time they are there in that particular slot. In this stage, without upgrading the heroes directly you will be able to enhance their characters. This feature is often the favourite feature of AFK Arena for many players. The introduction of the heroes and placing them your likewise makes many players ready for the main battle which is yet to come.

Guild Hall

Guild is a unique feature where the player is capable of navigating the structure. Here at this stage, the group chases in the guildhall can be allocated to perform different tasks. Also, you will be able to take a tour to the guild shop and make your purchases. Pick items from the stores wisely so that it can be of help in the further course of the game.

Rickety Cart

This is the feature that allows you to adjust the character level. You can upgrade them or reset them. The restoration of the power level to 1 is possible here where you can rectify your moves and start again with new energy and newly-build heroes. The purchases you made on the heroes can be recovered if you reset the characters.

We like all the features of AFK Arena because of its singularities. Which one do you like the most? Share with us.