Ever since I became a raw vegan, I have been thinking critically about how food can be used to help optimize an individual’s health. In studying food, I have come to agree with experts who argue that systematic fasting (whether weekly, monthly, or annually) can play a profoundly positive role in helping people attain optimal wellness. With that thought in mind, I think it’s also important to note that individuals who wish to fast for health purposes can abstain from things outside of food in order to experience the positive health results they want. Here are just three non-food related items you can give up for awhile in order to attain great mental and physical benefits:

  1. Social Media

Although communication and networking channels such as Face book, Twitter and  instagram, provide us with a great way to exchange ideas and have fun. Social media can begin to dominate our lives in ways that are unhealthy and even the platforms having compatibility to allow followers from socialized.me, thus resulting  by fasting social media, we can bring ourselves back into balance and subsequently reap health benefits. For example, if you are accustomed to spending two to three hours a day on social media, abstaining from this practice for a week can equip you with more time to do productive things such as exercising, completing homework assignments, and spending time with friends and/or family members.

  1. Television

According to research, the average American over 2 watches about 34 hours of television per week. This statistic is very sobering given that excessive television consumption is related to obesity, a reality that can precipitate a plethora of other health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. If you are fasting for health reasons, abstaining from television for a week can play a profound role in helping you experience great mental and physical benefits. Consider spending the time you would’ve watched television preparing a beautiful and healthy meal such as a large salad of dark, leafy greens with tomatoes and other scrumptuous veggies. You can also spend the time you would’ve been glued to the television screen walking your dog or weight-lifting in your neighborhood gym. Either or both of these strategies will help you feel great in both mind and body.

  1. Music

While music is a great artistic medium which can provoke profound thought and/or help us relax, it can also stifle our own creativity given that it puts us in a position of mental latency in which we’re absorbing the ideas of other individuals rather than submitting our own. For this reason, fasting music for a week can have profoundly positive effects on us. During your music fast, take time to write in your journal so you can gain a clear understanding of the things you’ve been thinking and dreaming about as of late. You can also unleash your creative potential by drawing, painting, or writing short stories. Any of these enterprises can have profoundly positive effects on your mental health.


While many physicians acknowledge the great effects that food abstinence can have on an individual, we should also take into consideration the fact that fasting other things can benefit us as well. If you are interested in growing as a mental or physical being, consider abstaining from the items listed above for a week. You will likely find that your mind and body begin to function at optimum levels, thus helping you lead a more productive and positive life. Good luck! 🙂