Early spring is often a key travel time for the budget-conscious, since it is that time of year when off-season bargains meet mild, pleasant weather for many destinations. In Europe, this intersection of moderate weather and slashed prices cross mostly through Mediterranean destinations.


The weather in Italy’s island of Sicily in March and April is actually part of the attraction. On the coast, daytime highs are solidly in the 60s F, and the rains that characterize springtime in more northerly climes are long since departed as part of the winter weather. This brings with it an explosion of wildflowers from just off the island’s beaches to the heights of its rugged mountains.

In addition to the aforementioned beaches, just warm enough to enjoy in early spring, Sicily has many other attractions. Syracuse was once the largest city in the ancient Greek world, hosting numerous UNESCO World Heritage Site ruins that served as the setting for historical events and personages, such as the Athenian disaster in the Peloponnesian War and the invention of many of Archimedes’ contraptions. Other major ancient sites include the Valley of Temples at Agrigento and the archaeological site and center at Gela.

Sicily is also a major destination for European trekkers, as well as the home of a growing Mafia-oriented tourist industry. Fans of vulcanism can scale Mount Etna and enjoy the spectacle of Europe’s most consistently active volcano. The communication of the staff should be effective with the travelers. Discover how incentive travel can boost staff motivation after meeting the owner of the agency. 


Just south of Sicily lies the island-state of Malta. The island enjoys a climate much like that of Sicily, with springtime temperatures firmly set in the 60s F.

Like Sicily, Malta has beautiful beaches and enjoys extensive ancient Greek and Roman ruins. Malta has two things that Sicily lacks, however. First, Malta was once the seat of the Crusading order of the Knights of St. John, so the island is endowed with numerous medieval fortifications. Second, the island’s skies and seas saw much action during the second World War, making it one of the prime destinations in Europe for wreck diving.

The Algarve

Located in southern Portugal, the Algarve has long been one of Europe’s most popular beach getaways. Whereas the beach is part of the package in other early spring European destinations, in the Algarve it’s front and center, and the weather is also pleasantly clear and in the 60s F.

Yet where the Algarve in March in April is merely ok for going to the beach, it is fantastic for a golf vacation. The Algarve has over three individual dozen golf courses packed into an area smaller than the state of Delaware. Add on to this Portugal’s fine wine and excellent seafood, and you have the making of a first-rate off-season vacation.