One of the best ways to eliminate bed bugs is by exposing them to a great change in temperature. This is why the use of high temperatures such as steam is one of the most recommended ways to eradicate these annoying bed bugs.

It must be remembered that if a high degree of temperature is to be used, it should be applied in an instant. Gradual application of heat to the bed bugs will only promote the invasion by spreading the bed bugs to other sections of your home.

To effectively kill the bed bugs, you must use a temperature not lower than 450C. Using steam is the only way to perfectly achieve this temperature in the shortest possible time. The best thing about using steam to kill those irritating bed bugs is that it does not only kill the adult bugs, but the larvae and the immature bed bugs as well. You don’t pour alcohol on your bed bugs as they can be killed through the steam. There should be maintenance of specific temperature in the room.

The combination of insecticides along with steam has been proven to be effective since a long time. The risks of using insecticides to kill bed bugs are very genuine. Scientific studies show that the use of insecticide is very harmful to the health of not only humans but animals as well. This makes pest control companies exclude the treating of mattresses and other furniture due to the fear of future complaints coming from their previous customers.

You must control the flow of steam to avoid the dispersal of bed bugs. This will also prevent over wetting of the object or furniture to be treated.

The equipment used to produce steam must have the option to create low vapor flow, but with a high degree of temperature.

To successfully exterminate all the bed bugs, you must be able to meticulously inspect all the infected surface of a specific room before initiating the treatment.

Carefully follow the instructions in using the steam machine to avoid any accidents.

You ought to place the nozzle directly onto the surface of the mattress or whatever that has to be treated. A space will surely decrease the efficiency of the steam in killing those bed bugs.

It’s highly recommended that you must move the nozzle over the surface at about 30cm every 10-15 seconds.

It is also necessary that you start your treatment with the mattress. You ought to pay exceptional attention to the handles, seams and labels since these bed bugs normally hide to these areas. It must also be remembered that the fabric that wraps the sides of the base also need steam treatment.

If you are done with your bed, then you can start with the other furniture’s inside that room. Keep in mind that special attention has to be given to the possible hiding areas of these bed bugs.

After treating the furniture, you must do the same process of killing the bed bugs using steam in pillows, steam cushion and curtains. Bear in mind that these bed bugs are also good in climbing.

Lastly, use your steam cleaning machine on rugs and carpets. This ensures that no bed bugs escape from the whole process. Although hard, this method of eliminating bed bugs is highly effective.