Dyson, this name has become a name that is feared in the vacuum industry. The claims that this will be the last vacuum you will ever purchase. The talk of how it never loses suction. No bags to purchase, no extra accessories needed. Could all of this be to good to be true?

James Dyson is the type of person who wants things to work properly. He developed his first cyclone tower in 1978. He then spent 5 years working on the perfect vacuum prototype. Dyson attempted to get multiple companies to purchase the rights to produce his vacuum, but no company wanted any part of it. They all wanted to continue to make money off of the vacuum cleaner bags for the life of the vacuums that they sold. Dyson was finally able to begin producing his vacuums in Japan in the 1980’s.

Dyson vacuums finally began being sold in the United States. My family has wanted a Dyson vacuum ever since the commercials first began running. They were just to expensive for our budget. Finally, in September of 2006 we were able to purchase a Dyson vacuum. My husband brought home the vacuum and I was ecstatic. We actually argued over who was going to get to vacuum the floor with it first!

My first time using this vacuum was shocking to say the least. I have vacuumed many times in my day using many different vacuums. The Dyson vacuum is so easy to move along the carpet. It feels so light as you move it around the room. it is amazing to watch how much dust and junk the Dyson pulls out of your carpets. I know that my previous vacuum was leaving so much behind when we used it. With three children and a dog I was vacuuming at least once a day, so the fact that we were pulling so much from our carpet on the first use of our Dyson was disturbing. It was only disturbing because we then knew how awful our prior vacuum worked.

Another benefit to the Dyson is all of the accessories that come along with it. The hose is built in to the handle and you can unlock it for use when needed. The hose attachments all snap onto the vacuum so you will not spend time searching for the attachment that you need. The only hose attachment that does not snap onto the vacuum for storage is a small vacuum head. This tool is perfect for getting underneath furniture!

This is the last vacuum I will ever purchase. If I ever need another vacuum, then I will buy another Dyson. It is definitely worth the cost because of the way it works. No loss of suction, and it is extremely easy to use. I have recommended Dyson to many friends and family. My aunt was in the market to buy a new hand held vacuum and she was frustrated with constantly having to replace her hand held vacuums. I suggested the new Dyson hand held vacuum to her and she was very pleased with the purchase. If you purchase a Dyson, you will realize that the money you spend on it will easily be made up in the ease of use, the life of your carpet, and the savings of not having to purchase vacuum bags.

To sum things up, Dyson really is the best vacuum on the market!

Also it is important to mention, in closing, that it has a vacuum cleaner with a heap filter staubsauger mit hepa filter that finishes the job in no time.