The elders always say that there is no end to learning or gaining knowledge as a man continues to learn something or the other till death and if anyone says that he has learned everything and nothing more is left, they are lying, not only to others but to themselves as well.

No matter what it is, nothing can be learnt without sufficient practice, whether it driving a car or learning to operate a computer, just for example. With that in mind, you must all be missing you childhood days a lot.

There are many things that would make it memorable like loitering around with friends, playing musical instruments, eating chocolates and having the parents do your bidding, etc.

But the one that is the icing on the cake is video games, that has no match whatsoever when it comes to the best portion of childhood. Why so? What is so special about it that it qualifies to be the best?

It is simply so because they are of a variety of genres that make up the any game in its entirety and has become a significant portion of our lives. While those days are long gone, there are a few lucky ones who don’t let the child inside them die and maintain it right up to their last breath.

Game Players

There are numerous things to look out for when it comes to video games like working out a strategy, practicing the technique right from start to finish and making it an interesting one with innovative models on how to tackle your opponent.

Dota 2 is one such game that consists of five players in each team where both sides have to destroy the basic structures of their opponents without resorting to gimmick and at the same time, protecting their valuable assets.

The moment when one gets to hear about video games, they are under the misconception that it is easy and learning it as slick as learning that two and two equals to four.

But the statement does not hold true for dota as it is way more complex than it is made out to be and is that is what makes it more interesting to learn due to the challenges it metes out on the players.

Gradually, with regular practice, they begin to slowly master the intricacies involved in it and become better experts with the passage of time.

Planned Technique

The first step to be followed is carefully planning your strategy right from the beginning and testing it out. It means that you get to know about Dota 2 boost by understanding it as a whole and then beginning to play.

In order to become a master of it, there are a set of strategies that need to be followed which are given below:

  • Be aware of all the different ward locations in your vicinity so as to get a better idea of the entire area as a whole. It is also important to know what all places you want to ward depending on the current position to beat off potential threats, which can be avoided when you beat the retreat
  • Keep a strict watch on your opponent camp so as to understand their strategy better and be aware of tell tale signs of how and when they are going to attack your camp
  • Keep an eye out for runes as they are of extreme importance and most players neglect it due to their involvement in the game. Not only the zero minute runes, but also the counter runes as well which will help in changing the path through a few alterations. All you need to do is to constantly check the timer

  • With the completion of the early levels, select the later items that are of vital use like reassembling the Ring of Basilius to make the Medallion of Courage
  • Don’t take rash decisions and always keep a cool head in times of peril as it will help you to tackle challenges quickly and move further
  • Based on the team’s position, you need to get the gank as you are the one calling the shots by frequently searching them on the maps