When you are operating a business, you have to be going full throttle. You may be a new business owner who have no real experience in online marketing. You may think that your business is not going to rely on search, online marketing and social media. While that may wind up being the case, the sad fact is that a whopping 95% of new internet business owners ultimately fail. So when you’re looking at getting things going for your new business you need to explore all avenues.

Digital marketing is an increasing presence in our ever-more connected world and digital marketing has got to be a part of your new businesses marketing plans.

Digital marketing is not just “commercials” – it involves having a web presence via your website, social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, creating a YouTube page to give a look ‘behind the scenes’ for your loyal customers, blogging, and sending out e-blast offers to customers who are interested enough in your business to give you their email address. All these things just go in part to creating the digital marketing portrait. The scope of digital marketing is growing in the economy. An individual can purchase instagram views to become a successful Instagram star. The purchasing should be done of the real views from the reputed websites.

Of course you need to be proactive in your digital marketing platform. But you have plenty of other things to be doing. In addition to just living and enjoying your life you have to operate your business. If you have a partner who can be looking after, updating, and keeping tabs on the digital side of your marketing strategy that may be something worth considering.

Finding your way through the digital morass of all the social media venues can be a challenge. However if you are trying to stoke your followers you have to be able to get them excited and get them talking about you and your business.

Imagine if you have a few thousand Twitter followers and you send out a Tweet which says that anyone who comes in over the next twelve hours and clucks like a chicken can take advantage of a buy one get one offer or some other freebie. Not only will that show you the power of social media that will also allow you to see through some measurable way just how popular your social media footprint has become. And it will get people talking about your business.

Facebook is another social media platform which holds a lot of promise for creative business owners. Once you have enough followers on Facebook maybe you can start some kind of a contest to design an item from your store. Not only will this get people talking about your business it will also draw in a separate subset of new customers who are there just to support the participants of the contest.

Social media is also a great way to meet like-minded people, let fans know about special offers available only to them and announce and pre-release new products. All things that can get people excited about your business and all things which will get the masses talking.

You are the one who has created your own business. That’s something to be proud of. And you are in control of your social media identity. If you are not going to participate in the social media enterprise you are literally missing out on a whole world that is otherwise already engaged and already connected.

So what are you waiting for?