Diamond Financial Group assists individuals and companies to remain independent through the proper use of investment and insurance. This group also helps in debt settlement. Diamond Financial Group follows a highly disciplined approach to the information collection and data analysis.

Services Offered By The Diamond Financial Group

Debt Settlement is the legal and legitimate way of solving your debt and loan issues. A large variety of services and products are offered by Diamond Financial Group and the clients can select one as per their needs. A few of these services are explained below:-

1. Annuities

It’s a guaranteed scheme of income during the retirement stage. It means getting the paycheck for the rest of your life and helps maximize your income, throughout your retirement life.

2. Disability Income Insurance

In case of disability, Diamond Financial Group will stand with you and will offer you a moderate source of income. Reports claim that one out of three Working American is threatened by disability for some period of time before the age of 65. There are certain types of packages in this disability planning. The most common are Social Security Disability Payment, Personal Saving and Long-term Disability Insurance.

3. Financial Planning

Clients face a lot of financial trouble, due to change of interest rates, Stock market swings, inflation, debts, and sudden unexpected expenses. They land into trouble because they did not foresee these situations.

Diamond Financial Group offers a MetLife Securities Financial Planner, which can help the clients to get rid of such issues. They help reduce taxes and educate their clients on the correct ways of investment.

4. Education Planning

Diamond Financial Group brings another great product for the students of College. There are some financial plans for the Students that will enable them to meet their educational requirements.

5. Life Insurance Policy

Diamond Financial Group offers the life insurance plans for the clients. This is a comprehensive insurance package with compatible premium rates.

6. Online Quotes Of Diamond Financial Group

Diamond Financial Group is actively involved in providing online information and services. All relevant information is available on the internet and customers can access it from any part of the world. It has a Market Watch Page to provide updated information on the Stock market. The online quotes are available that help clients to choose their package plan.

Company Contact
The company can be contacted on the following address:-

29995 Technology Drive, Ste 200
Murrieta, CA 92563
Phone: 1-877-696-9064
Email: info@diamondfg.com