One of the most prevalent emergencies around the house is a burst pipe. When a water pipe develops a leak a lot of individuals tend to panic and furiously search for a plumber. The panic is comprehensible but staying cool is a lot better as you can deal with the predicament a lot better. If you find a leak or burst pipe then the first thing to do is try and contain the water using buckets. This approach will minimise the amount of destruction that the water will do. The next thing to do is to turn off the water supply to your house.

It is always a great idea to find the mains cold water shut off valve. Every home owner should find this device so if a leak appears the water can be switched off fairly speedily. If your home is not fitted with a shut off valve then you can normally turn the water off in the road with the use of a special key or just by hand. The external shut off valve is normally found in the walkway outside your residence. If you have no idea how to fix such issue, it is advisable to call fast drain repairs. They have the knowledge, equipment and skills in fixing that matter.

When the water is isolated the leak may stop instantaneously but if it doesn’t then the leak is in the central heating system. If this is the case just try and control the leak utilising buckets until a plumber arrives to do his work. Leaks from central heating systems will eventually stop as the system drains down but this will take a while.

Another typical home emergency is the electricity tripping out and leaving your residence without electricity. This is really a job for an electrician but you can restore reduced power to your home depending on the fault. If your electricity has tripped out then a fault has taken place in one of the electrical circuits in your residence. If you go to your consumer unit or fuse board and switch all the MCB’s to the off position and then turn on the mains switch on and reset your RCD unit. Then one at a time turn on the MCB’s until the RCD trips out once again, make a note of the circuit that has activated the RCD and leave that breaker shut off. Now you can reinstate limited electrical power to your residence until the electrician arrives to sort out the job properly.

If the flawed circuit is one that is supplying the sockets in your residence then unplug any appliance that is powered from this circuit i.e. kettles, lights etc. as the flaw could be in an item like this rather than the circuit its self. It is sensible to call an electrician out just to be on the safe side.

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