The formalized schooling system that is implemented in the U.S. was made to satisfy the needs of the industrial revolution by supplying general education and learning to the public. However, there are some fatal flaws to that design. The demands today, in our present time is highly different from the demands back to the time of the industrial revolution. Since the education was formed back then, there is not a rework or advancement to the educational system. This is alarming as it will certainly determine the breakdown of our nation slowly but surely until our education system became a provider of lack of knowledge.

Listed below are the flaws in the education system that must be addressed, lest we risk our children’s education:

  1. High rate of school shutdowns

The continued existence of schools is linked to the local community requirements and economical restraints which is dependent on the support of the community. The outcome is that educational institutions are shutting down at an escalating rate all over the country. The decision to shut down a school seldom echoes the demands of an area, as well as the needs of the students.

There appears to be more care to the economic position of schools, rather than the need for education of the children. The federal government is partly to blame in this aspect since they demand schools to follow federal guidelines that control what the school administration can and cannot do. This reduced freedom means schools are more prone to closures.

  1. Too many students handled by a teacher

An indirect effect of school closures, this is another problem that must be solved. There is a limit to the number of children that a teacher can put into a class while being an effective teacher. A lot of schools now resemble daycare centers due to the number of students in one class. Teachers are obligated to teach your kids in a congested environment where basic safety is not assured and schooling requires additional input from parents that they may be unable to provide, due to unwillingness, lack of money or education. Parents may not be able to homeschool their kids on their own, because they have very little free time.

  1. Expensive school expenses and high interest rates for educational loans

Studying in the United States can be a very costly endeavor. People with insufficient money can apply for an educational loan, but such loans come at a very high interest rate. When coupled with skyrocketing tuition fees, students are destined to years of debt after graduating if they decided to take a loan.

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