It’s already the Christmas season. Are you thinking of what to give your kids for Christmas? In today’s age, technology has gone quite far compared to what it was 10 years ago. There are quite a lot of things that you could give your kids. There are things you may have to consider especially if you want to have the gift contribute to the development of the child. And there’s a lot you can find at too. Let me share some ideas on really good gifts and some of them, I actually have.

There are some educational mini-computers that focus on spelling, vocabulary, pictures, math, science and so much more. They often have mini-games that make learning more fun for the kids. My sister still has one and it was bought years ago in Hong Kong. It teaches mainly spelling and math. It has quite a lot of games and has audio which makes it more entertaining and interactive.

You can give your child a portable video player. Learning through television is quite effective and it worked for me and my sister when we were kids. In any case, you can always use this as a way to instill knowledge to your kids. Just be aware of what he/she is watching. Regulate the discs, programs and the channels as well as the viewing time.

If you strictly want your kids to learn more, why not give them a pocket dictionary, thesaurus or a word processor? My sister has one and it has the option to use multiple languages. It can even check grammar but only those simple ones such as subject-verb agreement. It looks like a calculator and is quite small and very portable.

Video game consoles are the extreme when it comes to home entertainment especially for the kids. I would really suggest buying a Nintendo Wii since there are quite a number of good games for kids as well as for the whole family. The multiplayer games for the Wii serve as great activities for everyone. And of course, helps the motor skills of your kids. You can choose other consoles and games but be sure not to buy those that are inappropriate for children especially those that are suggestive and violent.

Want to give a gift that is interesting and unique? Why not buy some real cool and simple yet high-tech toys? We usually go out to different malls in our area and we usually go to the toys sections of different department stores. I always notice the aisle where they have these cool science and technology toys. They do lots of things such as grab stuff, clean your floor, light your way and so on. There lots of them to choose from and they are cheap. The ones on the picture I provided cost around $9. They basically make science fun.

Probably the most advanced tech gadget you can buy for your kids is a basic desktop or laptop computer. There are lots and lots of cheap computers out there that are powerful enough to run basic applications such as word processors and access the internet. This will help your child become more familiar with computers as he/she will most likely use it at school for completing projects and doing research. Just be sure to observe your kids while using the computer especially when surfing the internet. You don’t want them to visit unnecessary and inappropriate websites.

Kids really enjoy receiving gifts especially if they are aware of the technology around them. These do not only entertain them but would also help in their development. Use your best judgment in choosing which would be appropriate for your kids.