Nowadays, one of the major issues in the work force of most of the companies is the hiring policy / process for felons. There are some cases where most of the felons can not land a decent job because most of the companies policies do not include felons in the hiring process. But with the help of the government, this issue has been continuously and gradually solved over the years. If you are an employer, you need to be aware that hiring felons is not a bad idea at all. Actually, there are several advantages and benefits that you can get from hiring felons. To help you know them, this article will provide you with some of the best advantages of hiring felons.

Nobody is Perfect

One of the main reasons why companies must hire felons is because of the famous mantra ‘ nobody is perfect’. Everyone commits mistakes and we are all bound to sin. While not all of us are considered felons, there is no reason why we should not deprive them with the opportunity and career growth that they deserve. Companies should realize that felons are naturally good just like all the people in the world. What employers should focus more is how to provide felons with the right opportunity and equal treatment. Hence, they should not establish a company policy to exclude applicants with criminal records. Hence, criminal records should not be considered or be part of the criteria when hiring applicants. In addition, there are several success stories of felons who become a more productive, reliable and valuable employees of companies they are working for because of the appreciation, trust and support that they receive.

Every Felon is Different 

Naturally judging, we always think of felons as the same. Not all felonies are equal. Yes, there are felons who committed severe crimes like murder, theft, child molestation, rape and so many more but we should also recognize that some felons are only charged with minimal case. But that is not even the point. The main point here is that felons of today should not be defined by who they were in the past. It is true that everyone commits mistakes but we should also not disregard the fact that people can change for the better. And to help these people to become better people, they need our support and understanding. Thus, one of the best ways to show our support to them to have a better life is to provide them with fair and equal treatment in the hiring process.

Tax Credits Benefit

Another benefit of hiring felons is the government tax credits. The government in the United States, which is the Department of Labor, provides the Work Opportunity Tax Credit or WOTC to felons. This program is available to employers for hiring individuals from certain groups like felons. This is a great program that the government implemented because it allows felons to be hired by the companies they are applying for. As a result, this program provides tax break for companies. This program promotes a win-to-win situation for both the employers and the workers.

You will be faced with Discriminatory Charges

Nowadays, there are certain rules and regulations that the government is implementing when it comes to the hiring process and policies of companies towards felons. And when these guidelines and not followed, companies will be faced with charges by the government and their business will be in a hot water. Relatively, to help felons land a decent job, there are agencies that can help them. To check some of the guidelines of agencies for felons looking for jobs, you can visit This website provides jobs for felons.

They could be the best employees 

There are several testimonies and successful stories where felons were able to climb up the ladder and became productive, reliable and quality employees. This has been proven by a lot of companies who have already hired felons. According to most of the companies, some of their best employees were once charged with criminal cases. But because of the appreciation that they are showing to their employees, their workers become more inspired and productive at work. Surely, employees who feel valued tend to work well and contribute better in the company. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Nowadays, companies are not profit centered anymore. Gone are the days when they solely focused on generating profit. Today, aside from profit, companies are concerned on how they can help out to the community and the people. They provide and conduct several services and projects that can improve the community and the lives of the people. This is also one of the measurements how responsible companies are. A good company knows how to increase profit for the betterment of our economy and at the same time, engaging and helping out to the society.