The sun is out. The pools are sparkling. The neighbors have fired up the grill and asked you over for a day of fun and enjoying it  after Liposuction removes unwanted fat from specific areas such as the abdomen treatment has taken which now also affected the rate of body mass index. Yet, you are cowering in the corner of your closet, terrified at the thought of donning swimwear … in front of people! While there is no way to firm up or liposuction your thighs right there in your little hiding place, I can give you some simple ways to look your best and still enjoy the party.

What To Wear

Make sure you have a swimsuit that is flattering. You don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money to guarantee a good fit. Instead, you need to take time to understand your body type and work with it. Dina Cristine has already laid out some ideas in “How to Choose the Right Swimsuit: A Guide for Women of Every Shape.” She has organized her advice based on your problem areas. I was particularly interested in the section “To Make Breasts Appear Perkier, Fuller …” Skirts and wraps are very popular and hide a multitude of lower body issues. As soon as you are out of the water, tie that sucker back on and grab a burger.

Skinny is Only Skin Deep

One of the greatest cover-ups you have at your disposal is a 100%, genuine, fake tan! Now, if you are like me and grew up in the days of Q.T. (Quick Tan), the thought of a “fake baking” brings you flashbacks of orange legs and stained palms. Don’t worry. We have improved with age, and so have the sunless tanners on the market. I have been using Neutrogena tanners for several years now, and am happy with the results. However, there are products to fit every need and price range. Melissa Holman shares her “Top Five Self-Tanning Products Under $50,” and I have also been reading rave reviews for Estee Lauder products.

Yet, the key to getting a great sunless tan starts before you ever open the bottle. You must spend a little time in preparing your skin for the process. It doesn’t take an excessive amount of effort, and will only make your skin look better.

First, make sure your skin is clean and smooth. I prefer to shower, shave and exfoliate all over before applying my sunless tanner. I make sure I am thoroughly dry, and then I rub in some moisturizer to the areas that tend to soak up the most amount of tanner: knees, ankles, edges of feet and the edges and palms of my hands.

I prefer lotions to sprays, because I feel like I have more control over the application. I use long, sweeping strokes as I apply. I keep some tissue or cotton balls handy, and when I have finished applying, I gently rub around areas where the tanner might “cake,” like my hairline, eyebrows, ears and mouth. I then use a gentle facial scrub with some soap to wash my hands. If you do not have a scrub product handy, you can simply wash your hands twice, being sure to use your fingernails to scrub. Get between your fingers and pay special attention to the outer edges of your palms.

Be patient. Most sunless tanners take a few hours to work. Wait at least four hours before making a decision about adding a second coat.

Polish it Off

If you will be wearing a swimsuit, your feet will also be exposed. So, spend a little time to spruce up their appearance, and distract from your horrified look of, “Oh dear God, I’m jiggling in this thing!” You will find everything you need to know in “How to Give Yourself a Pedicure,” as The Pen guides you through every step to beautiful feet. I love her reminders on the best way to apply the polish, and giving that fresh coat a full twenty minutes to dry! Keep some OPI Quick Dry handy for those times you need to rush out the door with a little less notice.

There you have it: your slimming suit, your fake tan and your toes. You are ready for a day in the sun. Yet, before you head out the door, do me a favor. Remember that you are beautiful. You are fabulous. You have friends that want to share life with you. Now, go have fun!