Clean and Clear is a trusted brand of facial care items from the famous brand Johnson and Johnson. I have used several of their items over the years, and decided to go back and try one of their moisturizers.

There are a few in their lineup, but chose their “Dual Action Moisturizer”. This facial lotion is marketed as “oil-free” and states that along with having no oil that it will help prevent breakouts. As a woman who still suffers occasionally from blemishes, this is what sold me on this item.

This retailed for around $6 at my local drugstore, which is very affordable considering the prices of other leading drugstore brands. You can often find coupons and sales related to this brand as well, which can be combined to get this lotion at an even better price.

The packaging is nice, but nothing fancy. The bottle contains 4 fl. Oz. of lotion and comes with a pump, which is something I really like. The brand and directions are clearly marked on the package, along with the ingredients, one of which is salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid helps many users with acne or blemishes. Many leading brands have items with this ingredient, and this particular Clean and Clear lotion contains .5% salicylic acid. I find this amount to be a lot let then others at 2% and this is a lot more gentle on the skin. If someone is using several products with this ingredient, it can lead to the skin being too dry, so this small amount is just right.

The lotion is rather light and the fragrance is stronger than other facial lotions, but is not irritating at all. Think of a clean soap smell, not too strong, but fresh. This is not floral at all, and could be appealing to men, as well as women.

You can use this alone or under makeup, as I usually do. I have not found this to make my makeup melt off my skin or cause any other reaction to cosmetics. I do find, however, that this will settle into any open pores on your face. I do not find this to be a “priming” lotion, but something to soften your skin as well as being a medicated acne medication.

I have oily/combination skin and this does not make my skin appear more oily and it does not dry my skin out either. One pump is usually enough, though sometimes after exfoliation or if my skin is very dry, one and a half would be sufficient. As stated earlier, this does not prime your skin as other lotions might and I find that when I apply a liquid foundation to my skin, I can see the foundation settle into the open pores along the sides of my nose. I have never had this problem before using this lotion, but a little extra buffing and this is not so noticeable.

This lotion has not caused any adverse reaction to my sometimes sensitive skin and would be a great lotion routine for anyone not wanting to spend more than $10 on a facial lotion.

Be aware that there is no indication that this moisturizer contains any form of sun protection. Make sure you use a separate SPF. I always use a foundation and powder that contains an SPF, so I don’t feel the need to add any extra lotions. The reviews and ratings can be checked for selection of the top Facelift doctors in Michigan. A login can be made to the online account of the experts and information can be gathered.