We always want to look our best whenever we are out in public so that they notice us and shower praise and accolades. The human psyche is such that the average person wants to get himself noticed in the public eye and come into the spotlight so as to get his fifteen minutes of fame.

Also, we aspire to be in possession of all the best things in the world, be it house, car, girlfriend, job, etc. to name a few. This tendency to look and aspire for the very best is what makes a man ambitious and makes him obsessed to the nature of his cause.

The obsession festers and grows so great that it deflects him from the sense of right and wrong and leads him to the wrong path to achieve his goals, which has become a norm today.

However, there are certain people who despite facing wrong circumstances and injustice still have moral values and want to do things the right way and make their parents proud.

New Task

They are the people who know that the current job market is bad but they don’t just wail about it but buck up and create many opportunities of their own by learning new things.

It can be anything right from learning to act or taking online courses for software and digital marketing.

But what we are going to talk about today is something that is very different and that is learning to cut ceramic tiles. Yes, this new task is not what comes to mind when you decide on something new to do.

Ceramic is a solid dome or material akin to glass or marble but mainly made up of metals and metalloids of the highest order and in looks can easily pass off as glass and marble at first glance.

It would take an expert eye to discern it from its more well known counterparts, who are mainly so for being utilized more by human beings each day. People mostly eat in ceramic plates but they don’t have any other knowledge about it other than this.

Therefore, let us get to understand ceramic in a detailed process so that readers can get an idea of what exactly it pertains to. Apart from metals, you can also find ceramic materials made of non-metals, alloys and ionic covalent as well.


Ceramic is quite crystal clear in nature and it is this property that sets it apart from others as it is so relatable to all kinds of people. Ceramic that is fired are of both semi-vitrified and vitrified quality and can be in the form of things such as stoneware, earthenware and crystalline substances.

To describe ceramic’s beauty in its entirety would take a few days atleast and one article is not enough to relay everything so therefore we will leave it here itself as one might write a whole book on it.

It would be suffice it to say that ceramic is one of the most important particles that comprises of various aspects of human nature, which is how it is so popular and yet so underrated at the same time because not many people can understand its extraordinary facets.


It wouldn’t be surprising to know that the origins of ceramic go back to the ancient times where it was mainly used for pottery objects, whose main ingredient is clay and is mixed with silica and accordingly sintered in fire based on its size.

After sometime, ceramics were heated in fire to create surfaces that were colorful and smooth through glassy coatings of ceramic made on top of the crystalline substrates.

Its history is quite rich as it has become quite a popular practice even today in the rural villages of South Asian countries where pottery is still a norm that is used widely but this time it has large amounts of ceramic coatings on the surface to give it a glazed look.

Crystallized ceramic can be given a mould of your choice and sintered to form a manifested version of a solid human body structure whereas non crystallized ceramics are made up of pure glass and is formed only through the melted remnants of ceramic from the fire.

Ceramic Cutting

It has been mentioned in the above paragraph that the job market is quite bad in current times and people are forced to do menial jobs to make ends meet and you can get more info about it online.

On a positive note, many youngsters have taken up ceramic cutting as a profession simply because they are talented and unique in their thought process as many of them have opened up their own shops after a period of experience and are providing jobs to others as well.

Therefore, it is a safe venture that promises to give high revenues and if you are talented enough, you can very well try it and come out with flying colors in the process.

There are 3 ways to cut ceramic tiles and they are as follows:

  1. There is nothing apprehensive about it as you need to take a glass cutter and cut at the surface or otherwise  a wet saw would be better to make it easier
  2. By drawing a straight line with a pencil and cutting away the portion, you place the tile on the table and reposition it and cut across the line without touching the square
  3. Use the glass cutter to press the tile down and drag it across the drawn line to make a shallow cut at the corner