Website traffic is an important indicator of the growth of a business and speaks quite a lot about the functioning of an enterprise. Traffic to a website is an important quantitative indicator of its marketing effort. It provides useful insights about the qualitative features of its audience. As a reward for undertaking the effort, a business stands to gain visibility on search engines and earn greater leads from potential customers. To achieve this feat, businesses can either buy SEO traffic or else, focus on driving quality traffic to their websites that might create the right impact.

Visitors can be driven to a website with a mix of various tools and tactics. This includes a mix of on-page SEO, blogging, Off-page SEO, social media and online advertisements. Besides these strategies, website traffic can be enhanced in a few other quick and easy ways. Let us discuss them in detail.

Quick ways to drive traffic to your website from Google


Perhaps quite an obvious one, advertisement has a lot to do with website rankings these days and driving traffic to a particular landing page. Using paid media, display advertising and advertising on social media platforms, businesses can drive a greater number of viewers and potential customers to their storefronts. With each such channel, you might face a different set of pros and cons. Thus, it is imperative that your choice of such a channel should be based on them and the result you want to derive from the displayed advertisements. For example, if you intend to drive traffic that will result in greater sales, your paid search strategies must also make use of commercial intent keywords to make that happen.

Increase social media presence

Your content may not be quite rewarding if no one knows that it is there. You will have to adopt a proactive approach to increasing visitors to your website and your content. Today, there is no better way than leveraging social media presence to achieve just that. Promotion of your content is one way to attract new and existing customers and showcase your unique offering.

Use guest blogging features

While many believe guest blogging to be a dead concept now, it is not quite true in reality. As long as you can maintain a standard of quality with your blog posts, there is enough potential in the worded space to attract more website traffic. Moreover, you could use other guest blogging platforms to advertise or promote your blog or website. It might lead to an increase in their popularity.

Make use of Email marketing

Entering your customer’s mailbox can have a lasting impact on traffic to your website. A mailbox is a private space for a person and he is bound to give attention to the contents that land up there. If you manage to create something that is valuable enough to catch the attention of your customers, you might just start raking in website traffic in huge numbers. Email marketing can also be used as a means to spread the news of updates about your business.

Encourage building a community

The internet has given people of all races and wisdom a place to speak their mind, and most of them like doing that. When people feel passionate about a topic, they feel the intense desire to speak about it. If you are able to build a community section on your website that invites people to start such conversations and discussions, there is no doubting the increase in traffic that you could witness post that. There are a number of third-party solutions such as Facebook, which allow commenting on websites. This can encourage your customers to ask questions, help others and also to share experiences.

The bottom line

You do not always need to buy SEO traffic to achieve a large scale increase in footfall on your website. There are several quick and easy ways to get that done, if only you understand the right strategies and have the patience to implement them. Don’t just let those numbers remain vanity metrics and build steps to derive quality traffic to your website that helps in quick conversion to increase your sales.