Bloomsburg University’s student housing system is very well organized and there are plenty of options for students of every grade level, including undergrads and grad students. It is common for many people to look for a condo near MRT here. Each and every housing complex is well maintained and made to feel like home. There are various dorms on campus, all of which room two students. Sometimes in the beginning of the fall semester, some freshmen are tripled, but this is taken care of by the time they leave for winter break in most situations. This depends on the amount of incoming freshman and the amount of returning students that decide to reside in the dorms, but this is usually not an issue. There are a total of five on-campus dorms, two of which have recently been completely remodeled and renovated and three of which have undergone minor aesthetic renovations in the past two years. All dorms are co-ed, however one of the dorms, Columbia, is single sex by floor and houses mostly women. Each floor also contains community bathrooms. This takes some getting used to initially, but it really is not all that bad. It is important to be prepared though. A bathrobe and shower bucket are necessities, but other than that, just think of it as a public restroom. Everyone tends to develop their own personal schedules, so you usually end up seeing the same people at the same time each day. You and the students on your floor become family and it takes away a lot of the initial anxiety and awkwardness.

Schuylkill Hall and Montour Hall are the two dorms that offer the biggest rooms for students. They are longer than the rooms in Elwell, Luzerne, and Northumberland halls, but all rooms come with two beds that can be bunked if desired, two desks, two dressers, and two closets. Also, each room is internet and cable ready, but if you do not have a computer, do not fear because there are plenty of computer labs on campus with everything you need to get your work done and handed in on time. While Schuylkill and Montour have the biggest rooms, they have not undergone as much renovation as the other dorms have. The other ones mentioned have fireplaces in the common area, and some even have a piano students can play in their free time. Either way, you will end up living in a nice place, because they all have something unique to offer, and just a little decorating and organizing will make any room look very welcoming. A huge perk is that each and every one of the dorms and apartment complexes has onsite laundry facilities.


Bloomsburg University also provides apartment housing for sophomores, juniors, seniors, and grad students. There are a total of four apartment complexes and an additional complex will be completed on upper campus in the fall of 2009, which will include apartments for four students each, single bedrooms, air conditioning, a kitchen, and two bathrooms. There will also be a common room, fitness room, laundry rooms on each floor, and shuttle services will be available to transport students to and from campus.


Mongomery Place Apartments (MPA) and Mount Olympus Aspartments (MOA) are on upper campus where the sports fields are located. MPA looks out over lower campus and the beautiful mountains and houses four students. Each apartment contains two bedrooms, a kitchen, livingroom, bathroom, and lots of closet space. MOA is built to look like a little village. There are street lights and every apartment has its own front lawn that you are free to decorate if you desire. Students have gone all out for Halloween and Christmas in the past. These apartments each contain two floors with six single bedrooms, two bathrooms, one kitchen, and one livingroom. Upstairs are four bedrooms and a bathroom along with a common area where most students choose to put a couch and a TV. There is also large countertop with a sink as well as cabinets. The other two bedrooms are located downstairs along with a full kitchen and bathroom. Central air is also installed in each MOA apartment.


Kile apartments are located across the street from lower campus. They house three students. Only one person per apartment is allowed to park on site. The other students have to park in the blue lot located on upper campus. Shuttle services run back and forth between upper and lower campus, so while it is not as convenient as parking right outside your apartment, the school does not leave you stranded.

Honeysuckle apartments are the newest addition to the Bloomsburg University apartment complex family. They house two to four students and each student gets their own individual bedroom. There is a washer and dryer installed in each apartment, as well as a kitchen, living room, and at least two bathrooms in each.


Each of these apartment buildings has a university run shuttle bus service that takes students to and from the complexes and campus. Overall, there are plenty of housing options for every student, no matter what age and what your housing preference is. Granted, everyone must deal with the dorms their first year, but because they are all kept so nicely and run in a very organized manner, even dorm life is pretty good at Bloomsburg University. Every dorm and housing complex at this University is kept in tiptop shape. The custodians are wonderful people and become your friends. In the dorms, they come and clean the building every single day, and in the apartment complexes, they keep the common areas clean and take care of any individual room problems you may have as soon as you call or very shortly after. Parking is available for all students, including freshmen. The apartment complexes offer on-site parking, while the dorms offer parking in a lot on upper campus that students take a shuttle service to. Although this may be a hassle to some, it is not that big of an issue for most people because the town is so close to the school that you can walk to a lot of places. There are also multiple functions and activities to keep undergrads busy during the year, so many times, you will find you do not even need your car to have fun. When it is necessary though, especially when you are packing your car to go home, students tend to temporarily park outside their dorms and then just move it back up to the lot. There are ways around the hassle of the distance.