Start up the game. You will be playing as one of four characters: Tank Dempsey, Nikolia, Edward Richtofen, or Takeo. Each character has humorous one-liners. It does not matter which character you play as. Alright, get ready for the strategy!

To start off with, buy the Revive. Usually it costs 1500 and you need to turn the power on first, but in solo, it costs 500 and is available at the start. YOU CAN ONLY USE REVIVE 3 TIMES IN A GAME, SO USE IT WISELY! After you buy the Revive you will want to knife the zombies at each window. This is the most difficult part, because you have 4 windows to guard. You can run around the room and let the zombies come to you, just try to avoid being hit. Attempt to stay in this room for 4 or 5 rounds. At this point, you should have plenty of points, and should be able to open up the upstairs room. Do so, and then open up the following door which leads to the room with the MP40 in it. Buy the MP40 and stay in this room for a round. There will be a dog round soon. Run around while shooting at the dogs. Do not stay in one place as this will make it more difficult. After about Round 6 or 7, you want to open up the next room: the Dressing Room. Then open up the next doors to get to the Stage. Run around the Stage for a round and then turn on the Electricity. If you have run along the Mystery Box, make sure to use it and get a good gun. You will eventually want a Ray Gun and a Thundergun for the later rounds.

Once you turn the Electricity on, the curtains will open and you will be able to run through the theatre. You are going to buy Juggernaug and run into the room you first started in. Continue to run and go up the stairs. Using the path you used to open up the stage, continue running around. This should be your path:

  • MP40 ROOM

Continue this path, turning around every once in a while to shoot at the zombies. Throw a grenade every once in a while so you get crawlers and buy new guns or Pack-a-Punch your guns. You can also visit a website to check your game stats. This will give you an idea about your game current status.

Try to avoid upgrading your gun before Round 15 or so. You want to use up all of your ammo so the upgrade is like your getting a max ammo! I was able to upgrade my gun at Round 20 because I ran out of ammo. My brother used this strategy and got up to Round 48! It was a great game and he followed this strategy EXACTLY!

Enjoy getting a new high score on Kino Der Toten. Your friends will be jealous!