This world is a strange place to live in and human life itself is an intriguing thing. We human beings are always up to something or the other. Assuming ourselves to be the rulers of the world, always out to beat and outshine others and encountering challenges and obstacles at every step is the very nature and summary of life in general.

Life has many interesting aspects with its twists and turns at every step that always keep you on the tenterhooks and your talents and skills are tested not only during everyday problems of school and office, but also in your real life in the form of incidents of joy and sorrow, fortune and tragedy, etc. etc.

While some may see this as depressing and monotonous, others that are generally the adventurous and rebellious lot, love to encounter such challenges and often spent their time, both in life and at work, taking wild risks, often for the fun of it that can lead to disaster and ruin.

I mean, what is a life devoid of problems and risks. You cannot tend to achieve your goals on most of the occasions without taking any wild risks or decisions that are at the cost of your needs and principles, but need to be taken for the well being of your near and dear ones.

It is only due to unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances that man has the tendency (read capacity) to take some decisions that he doesn’t like and has been found to avoid as long as possible, but eventually giving in to stress and pressure.

It is implied that hard work and efforts are the key to success. Yes, it was true at some time, but today the demands are such that simple hard work is not enough. You need to have everything ‘extra’ in order to atleast get what you wish for.

In today’s times, you have to apply atleast 110% efforts to achieve 100% success. The circumstances are such that you are bound, head to foot, by the shackles of time that have confined you to this dungeon of a life where the ray of hope becomes hard pressed to find for you.

In this new era and the 21st century advent, there came a phenomenon called bitcoin that changed the lives of many people for the better. The bitcoin is what is called ‘cryptocurrency’ that has been added to the list of a medium of exchanges that can be used for financial transactions.

In simple words, it is a digitized currency that is deregulated without a central bank to govern it and therefore viewed, by a significant and considerable amount of people, to be dubious and untrustworthy in nature.

It has been dismissed as a ponzi scheme whose aim is nothing more than to siphon of money from simple and innocent individuals and whose targets are generally of the get-rich-quick and down-on-luck investors and the youth brigade who are dissatisfied with the meager income of an everyday, boring job and looking out for something new and innovative to do.

So, bitcoin has been termed as anonymous and untraceable in nature. Is it so? Everyone has a bitcoin era to their name, which is an account/app used for trading through automotive means and through which you may earn millions everyday.

Bitcoin is taken as an untraceable and anonymous mode of payment that only encourages illegal and fraudulent activities. Bitcoin is not anonymous as all users have public accounts that can be traced through the IP addresses of the users.

They are not linked to anyone but only the address and transactions are easy to access but not hacked into easily. It is untraceable due to security methods that are used for keeping personal information and details private and you can receive a public key through notifications for every transaction done.