Piano is a stringed acoustic musical instrument used to produce soothing and attractive music. There are various types of pianos available according to the different choices of people. Piano music is profoundly comforting and listened all over the globe. The piano is one of the most popular instruments because of an extensive range of notes and scales it offers to the player. If you can’t afford a piano, you can also play the piano on the computer by downloading any of the software available on the Internet. Most of the musical instruments face problems in hitting different frequencies of notes, but the piano is immensely efficient in different levels of frequency easily. Traditionally, the piano was learned by playing it physically and taking lessons from professional tutors. It is a costly process, as the fees charged by these professionals are high and expensive.

The most affordable and cheap method of learning piano is to learn it on a computer. You can easily play the piano on the computer and learn all the tips and tricks related to efficient piano playing. Computer software and courses are quite efficient and less expensive methods to learn piano. It saves you from huge expenses on buying a piano and fees paid for piano lessons. Now you can learn piano sitting in your bed comfort on your computer. There are various low cost and useful software that offer suitable piano lessons and tips.

Top-notch online software and sites to learn piano on your computer

With the burgeoning popularity of digitalization, people are seeking for virtual and digital options for everything, which is the primary reason why the online and virtual method of learning piano is getting immensely popular. Some of the best software that can help to learn good piano playing skills is following:

Piano marvel

It is one of the most efficient software through which you can enjoy computer piano and practice to perfect your piano playing skills. It is quite helpful in turning an ordinary person into an expert piano player and that too by investing minimal amount. It consists of a great training and teaching program in which the user is taught about all the essential tips, knowledge, and skills related to piano playing. The software has a self-assessment feature that allows you to have a test of your piano playing and evaluate your performance and growth. The software checks your performance in the assessment test and also marks you according to your skills. It helps you to improve your skills and know about your mistakes and improve them. It gives quick feedback and has more than 3000 tunes and songs to practice. You can easily connect your piano with the computer through a MIDI connection and follow all the tutorial videos available in the software and sharpen your skills.


It is the best piano learning software used by various experts and professionals to train children about the necessary skills and knowledge needed to play the piano. It has different games installed in it and allows the trainees to learn piano interestingly and playfully. User can play a game and play the piano altogether. It is compatible on almost all platforms such as Mac OS, windows Microsoft, etc. It can be the best choice for learning piano because of the great package of benefits it offers to the users. Synthesia has a unique feature of falling notes that assists the user to grab the knowledge easily and learn piano quickly. If you have some knowledge about the notations and pitches, you can also get access to a music sheet that you can read while playing piano, which will help you to understand about the notes better and enhance your skills. There are various programs for different users which teach them at a different speed according to their capacity and abilities. They can even get quick feedback to rectify their mistakes and learn new things. A vast collection of more than 150 songs are available for learning along with added lights on the keyboard to play the piano easily.

Playground sessions

It is one of the latest and modern piano learning software tailor-made to suit the needs of a learner. It is founded and supported by the famous and successful musician Quincy Hones. This software has different levels with different tutorials to teach the user by starting from the basic level and then gradually promoting to the advanced levels. You can follow the tips and master the piano by applying the skills you learned from the software. It offers you a whole fun package of different games, hurdles, puzzles, and songs that helps you to learn to play the piano. It gives the tutorial to the user using different videos with musical information which keeps the user interested. All the popular songs and top tracks are available to practice on. Broods can play games in which they are given points for hitting correct notes; it is a highly effective way to make them learn notations playfully. Special lessons are available designed by professional pianist David Sides that can help you to gain expert level skills easily.

Zebra keys

It is a website that offers free amazing piano lessons for the users. The lessons are highly user-friendly and written correctly to suit all the requirements of a person who is new to the piano. New users can easily learn piano skills by following very easy steps and instructions. You can log on to the site and play the piano following the tips provided on the site as a digital piano is provided on the site to practice the skills you learned in the tutorials. The virtual keyword has unique keys under which each note of the song is displayed. It helps to learn that which key is to be pressed on which note in the song. After going through some necessary practice sessions, you can evaluate your performance by playing on different songs in-built on the site. You can choose any of the top songs and follow the notes displayed under the keyboard while you play piano.


If you want to learn piano without investing any money and in a short period, there is no better option than pianoNanny. The depth that is offered in the tutorials and learning session cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet. Moreover, the biggest advantage of this site is that it is entirely free of cost. It offers free piano playing tutorials and helps the user to learn a high level of piano knowledge. It gives an original experience of learning from a professional trainer while you play the piano on the computer; it feels like you are playing it in real. It offers a full package in its tutorials which includes notes, text, videos, and images of the piano keyboard to learn deeply about the notes and pitches.

Expert teacher and composer

It is an expert teacher that guides you to play piano over the Internet and instruct you while playing the piano, rectify your mistakes and tell you tips about how you can improve your skills and get perfect in playing the piano.