Travelling is one of the activities, which almost all people love. For some people travelling is just like an opportunity to relax from everyday busy life while for others it the best way to know and observe the people from other cultures. Some people consider it to be the best way to have fun and they always try to meet new people, experience amazing places and discover new things such as tradition, culture and even language. Hence, while travelling it is always essential that every journey is organized as people go from places to places.

From booking accommodation to planning itinerary, you need to organize everything to avoid any trouble and inconvenience. One thing which is quite crucial for any traveller while travelling is his/her travel bag. Thus, every traveller needs to have a travel bag that is not only durable but also provide him with convenience. If we talk about the current market situation, the Wandard Hexard Duffel and the Nomatic Travel Bag are always considered as the best choices for most of the travellers.

It is necessary to have the comparison between the Wandard Hexard Duffel and the Nomatic Travel Bag.

Wandard Hexard Duffel: A Popular Name

Wandrd Hexad Duffel

Wanxard Hexad Duffel is one of the best bags available in the market that can carry everything you need and want. It can be an ideal choice for solo traveller due to its unique design. The design of this bag is modular, which means that its compartments can be used for storing clothes, photography gears, or anything easily also it can be rearranged in countless configurations. The Wanxard Hexad Duffel is equipped with ingenious exterior zippers that make it easy to access the interior compartments from the outside without unzipping the main clamshell compartment.

Nomatic Travel Bag: The Name is Enough

nomatic travel bag

Nomatic Travel Bag is one of the quality travelling bags available in the market which is preferred by many users. It is one of the ideal choices for those travellers who love a modern and well-designed bag. It is suitable for travellers who are only travelling for a couple of weeks or less. This bag is made up of waterproof material and durable zippers so you don’t have to worry about your items and gadgets inside being wet.

Comparison:  How They Differ?

Now we will compare these bags on some of the parameters like price, feature, etc., so it will help you to choose the best among them.

  • Materials, Colours, and Sizes:

Both of them are built from quality material. So if we talk about Wandard Hexard Duffel, its outside content is made up of high quality plasticized nylon with military grade that helps in increasing its strength to be water resistant. While inside it is equipped with a quality padding that keeps your gear safe from being scratched and damaged by external causes. It has the capacity of 45L, and it weighs 3.9 lbs.

On the other hand, Nomatic Travel Bag is designed to be functional, not colourful. This bag is made up of thick ballistic nylon fabric that makes it a water-resistant bag. It is also equipped with a quality rubber coating that is also 100% waterproof which means that your precious items will be kept dry and safe.

  • Other features

The WANDRD Hexad Access Duffel comes with lots of features but without sacrificing quality. The inside of this bag has lots of areas that will help you to keep your gear for both travel and photography. The left side of this bag has the largest area while the right-hand side is split into two separate zones. The entire compartment of WANDRD Hexad Access Duffel is covered with a zippered mesh that allows you to keep all your items stored easily without moving them around too much. The top bag can be accessed from the outside, and it also has a laundry pocket which is a great place for storing small items.

As per the experts who have covered Nomatic travel bag review, its exterior components are what make this bag great. One side of the bag has two large pockets that are helpful for storing books and travel documents. The other side has a full-zip pocket that allows you to store valuable items. On the bottom of the bag, there is a shoe compartment, while the top side has three additional zipper pockets for socks and water bottles.