I recently stumbled across what appears to be a most revolutionary diet plan, if you even care to call it that: www.sparkpeople.com. This phenomenal website has a tremendous amount of great information and interactive tools for anyone wishing to diet, lose weight, or just adopt more healthy habits. Spark People is virtually just helpful to anyone, whether you care to diet or not!

I am currently not interested in going on a diet, as I am breastfeeding an infant. However, I have used the Food Tracker, Meal Planner, and Weigh In areas of this diet site and have found them to be very useful tools. I am looking forward to going on a diet and shedding all of this baby blubber after I wean! When I do so, I will definitely utilize Spark People.

From those who are wishing to go on a major diet to those who just want to implement healthier habits, there are so many tools at Spark People that will be useful to you. Best of all, Spark People is absolutely free to join, no strings attached. You will benefit from the Meal Planner, Exercise Tracker, Weigh In feature, myriads of helpful articles on a vast array of topics, a first-class forum for support, and daily e-mails of encouragement and information. This diet website is top-notch, and I wholeheartedly endorse it! Tummy tucks or abdominoplasty  is usually discusses in those articles because it is one of the effective ways of losing weight nowadays.

Spark People utilizes four baby steps for diet success to keep the member from becoming overwhelmed or discouraged. There is also a tremendous amount of encouragement not to quit on your diet in the form of e-mails, the awesome Spark People message board, and motivating Spark Points that you earn for various accomplishments and efforts. You will feel like you have a little cheerleader smiling at you right from your computer screen, even if there is no one else in the world who is encouraging you in your diet efforts!

The Spark People site itself is top-notch, and I recommend that you visit it and read about the owner and initiator of this genius diet program. He explains how Spark People came to be and how it is possible to keep the site free for everyone.

The only downfall for those who wish to diet using Spark People is that it will consume a significant chunk of time each day — upward of half an hour, depending on how much time you spend reading diet articles and utilizing all of the features. You will have to spend a few minutes after each meal (or you can do it all at the end of the day) logging onto Spark People and entering your food intake and exercise for the day. You will also need to keep your weight and measurements current, so that your progress can be tracked. And speaking of which… Spark People has awesome charts and graphs that monitor the progress and success of your diet. Spark People is just an all-around awesome resource, whether you care to diet or not; and I recommend that you take a look!