The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California gained another theme park in 2001. As of February 8th of this year, California Adventure has been open now for seven years. This addition to the Disney family of theme parks has been undergoing changes and improvements practically since opening day, and is scheduled for even more, with the addition of an entire “land” themed around the Disney Pixar animated film “Cars” rumored to be in the works. Despite the changes that have taken place and that are planned for the future, few would argue that the 5 best rides at California Adventure are these current popular favorites:

CALIFORNIA SCREAMIN’ – This super fun roller coaster starts off with a scream. Rather than many rollercoasters which have trains that pull riders to the top of a steep climb before racing down the track, California Screamin’ starts from a standstill before sending riders speeding off with no warning. This initial start is one of the most fun aspects of this boardwalk style rollercoaster. Soon after the first speedy take off, the coaster flies up the first of two large climbs, and riders are thrilled with smooth fast turns, a full loop, and several upsie-daisies that find riders lifting off their seats. California Screamin’ is a fair sized coaster that spans nearly the full length of one whole side of the park as it winds around MaliBoomer and over the boardwalk area.

GRIZZLY RIVER RUN – The only true water ride currently operating in Disney’s California Adventure park, Grizzly River Run takes riders on a spinning raft ride through splashing rapids and down thrilling drops. This is a fun ride, especially refreshing on hot Southern California days, and packed at those times as well, so don’t forget to pick up your Fast Passes!

SOARIN’ OVER CALIFORNIA – Not really a “ride”, per se, Soarin’ is more like a 3-D IMAX movie that guests watch while sitting in seats that tilt and lift to enhance the sensation of flying. As guest “soar” over several beloved California locations, special scents are released into the air to go along with the experience. For instance, while soaring over the orange groves, riders smell oranges. A very entertaining attraction with great photos of aviation heroes lining the walls in the queue.

MALIBOOMER – A thrill ride if there ever was one, the MaliBoomer shoots seated riders straight up into the air with no warning, leaving them weightless as the ride plummets back down its tower towards the earth below. The ride itself really isn’t frightening, but the suspense as you wait for it to take off might just drive you crazy!

TOWER OF TERROR – A ride with a Twilight Zone theme, riders are seated in an elevator, and then shot up, down, back and forth in the dark in the Hollywood Hotel. Keep your eyes open on this one because at certain points, the doors in front of the elevator open, revealing the California Adventure Park below!

Each of these attractions have height requirements ranging from 40″ to 52″, so check before you visit to find out who can ride! Beside these fun and interactive rides there are various things that you can enjoy at Disney adventure park that are really fun and education for kids such as Disney Performing Arts has provided a showcase for school and community.