Travel destinations: Bali Island, Indonesia

Voted the “most enchanting island vacation paradise in the world”, Bali Island in Indonesia is much more than miles of sandy beaches where there is nothing to do but sunbathe and swim. This is a magical land where you can experience the Ibest of ndonesian culture and see sights that you won’t see anywhere else in the world. With over 20,000 temples and palaces, you will gaze in awe at the architecture and the scenic beauty that surrounds you at every turn. If you want something different than beaches, look to the central part of the island for an exciting vacation. So if you want to visit in this amazing place, go now and grab your k√§sipagasi kohver and have an amazing travel experience.

Taman Burung Bali is an awesome bird park that the avid bird watcher will definitely want to visit. This park is located in the village of Sinagpadu in the central part of the island. The park itself covers two hectares and is home to more than 1000 rare and exotic birds. Stroll through the manicured gardens where the blue and gold macaw might just land on your arm for the perfect photo opportunity.

When you visit Ubud, you have to visit the Sacred Monkey Forest. You can walk to this park from the center of the town. Stroll through the park and watch three different types of monkeys in their natural habitat. There is a small admission fee for entering the park and you can also purchase bananas and peanuts if you want to feed the monkeys on your travels. It would be wise to leave any small objects behind, such as glasses or keys, because the monkeys like to take souvenirs of their own.

While in central Bali, you just have to see one of the oldest monuments on the island at the Gunung Kawi. This name of this attraction translates to “carving in the mount” with seven candles carved into the face of the rock. You will have to descend a stairway to see this spectacular sight as well as the ruins of a temple where it is rumored the concubines of the ancient kinds are buried.

In Gianyar, also in Central Bali, you can visit Goa Gajah, a cave that features a carving or a mythical creature and many other carvings around the mouth of the cave. The carvings are believed to date back to the 11th century. When you stoop down to look into the cave, you will see a statue of an elephant and a shrine. Visit the village of Bedulu and greet some of the natives. Watch them as they go about their daily lives in this tropical paradise. The temple of Pura Penatara Sasih is only a short distance away from the town of Gianyar to see one of the few remaining artifacts of Bali’s Bronze Age.

It will take you more than one vacation to see all that Bali has to offer. You will fall in love with the island and make many trips back here to make memories.