Today’s world is all about technology and gadgets that help a lot in our daily lives and make our most of the tasks easy and convenient. There are numerous gadgets with different uses and features, but the most important and widely used gadget is a laptop or computer. Almost every capable person in the world owns a laptop or computer. The computer is of great importance in today’s world as most of the things are getting digitalized and everything is connected to the Internet. The computer was invented by Charles Babbage, and he wouldn’t have ever thought that his invention will take the world with a storm and will become so important.

Laptops have made various things easy; for instance, earlier people used to write letters, essays, and articles by hand, which took a lot of time and effort, but now they can be typed on laptops in no time and fewer efforts. The most significant advantage of laptops is they are highly portable as you can carry them anywhere and work wherever you want. Almost every need for our daily lives such as watching TV, playing games, surfing the Internet, etc. is fulfilled by Laptop single-handedly. Laptops have uncountable uses and services in all sectors like banking, education, entertainment, gaming, sports, etc. It has made the world a global village with no boundaries and communication barriers.

Some quick tips for picking the best Laptop for you

The right choice of platform

There are mainly three types of platforms for laptops; Windows, Chrome OS, and Mac. You need to select the most suitable among them, which fits perfectly with your needs and requirements. Windows is the most used platform in laptops and is easy, highly flexible. Windows laptops are available in a wide range of variety and prices. They offer all modern features in their notebooks, such as fingerprint sensors, touch screens, folding screens, etc. They have a simple user interface, and everyone can easily understand it. If you are a student, then it is an excellent option for you because of its interactive interface and amazing features.

Mac is available exclusively on Apple laptops and desktops. It has identical functions to the windows, but the user interface is quite different and complex. It is highly compatible with the Apple watch, and you can control it through it if you are a tech geek and love unique feature and modern technology as it is the best option for you, but you will not get any touch screen variant in Mac as there is no such model till now. The last option is Google; it is a more secure operating system but offers fewer functions and features as compared to the other. The user interface is quite similar to the windows one. The only downfall is that some of the apps don’t work in offline mode but supports all android apps.

Proper size

Before diving deep into specs and features, you must first decide what size you want for your Laptop. The size requirements vary from person to person. Mainly the size of laptops is based on the size of their screens. The most compact Laptop has a screen size of around 11 to 12 inches. If you want a more balanced size for your Laptop, then you can click here and choose the 13-14 inches variant, but the most common and popular size is the 15 inches, but it is not suitable if you usually carry your Laptop around.

If you have a desk job and work on a laptop being on the desk, then you must go for the 17 to 18 inches model as it has a big screen, better graphics and gives you incredible gaming experience with a powerful processor.

Now focus on specs

After finalizing the size you need, now you can get to the specs and the features. Some of the main specs are RAM, processor, hard drive, and graphics card. You must choose the specs according to the purpose for which you are going to use the Laptop. There are two types of 10th generation processors offered by Intel, namely, ice lake, comet lake. You must choose the most suitable for better performance. RAM is an important aspect that affects the performance of the Laptop directly. There various laptops available with Ram starting from 4 GB and goes up to 64 GB, but 8 GB RAM is enough if you don’t want to spend much money on RAM and want excellent performance.

What is your profile?

The profile of the person plays an essential role in selecting the best kind of Laptop at reasonable rates. Profile means your occupation, what you do, and for what purpose you need a laptop. Each profile has different needs and requirements.

A student

If you are a student, then you must go for a cheap but efficient laptop. Students have to work a lot on the Laptop for their study purposes, so you must ensure that it has a good battery backup, and you must check that it is highly portable so that you can carry it anywhere without facing any difficulties. Considering all the factors, a mini-laptop will be the best option for a student. They have a great battery life, adequate size, and highly portable. But there are some drawbacks too, such as small screens, weak CPU and small keyboard. If you are not going to do any heavy work on it like gaming or installing heavy software, then it suitable for you.

If you travel a lot

If your business or work demands a lot of traveling, then you must choose a powerful laptop, offering excellent portability along with an efficient processor so that all your essential work files stay safe and secure. You can go for a 12-inch laptop as they can easily be carried and offer high performance. But if you are using these laptops, then you will have to rely on the USB flash drives and hard disks as they don’t come with a DVD drive. You may find them a bit expensive, but the features and performance it offers are entirely worth the cost.

For the best performance, you must opt for a RAM hovering around 2GB to 4GB with a minimum HDD of 160 GB. You can go for the 15-inch resolution with an operating system of windows.


If you love to play games, a gaming laptop must be a thing that you always dreamt of. But before buying a gaming laptop, you must decide what specs and features you actually want. Earlier, desktops were thought to be most suitable for gaming, but now there are various laptops available tailor-made for gaming purposes. These laptops have powerful processors and amazing graphics cards to support the latest and heavy games. The widescreen gives you a great gaming experience; the size starts from 15 inches and goes up to 17 inches. You can get a bigger screen if you want a better experience.

There is various brand offering amazing gaming laptops in different price ranges, and you can easily select any one of them which fits perfectly to your needs and requirements.

To conclude, there are some factors and tips that can help you to get a fantastic laptop for whatever purpose you need it for, but for that, you follow the tips correctly.