No matter in which field you are, mind mapping will always be beneficial for you. Mindmapping is a tool that allows you to create a visual representation of your ideas and concepts and giving them an organized and productive structure. A mind map makes it easy for you to go through all your ideas, concepts, and analyzing them. It also helps to pick all the mistakes in the mindmap, rectifying them, and thinking of more creative and innovative ideas and concepts. Most business analysts take the help of mind mapping to analyze the needs of business and to improve its productivity and to take it to more heights.

Mindmaps boosts your creativity and makes you think better. Now you don’t even need to have a pen and paper to make a mind map as there is various software that allows you to create mind maps according to your needs and requirements in a more organized and well-structured manner. When we talk about mind mapping software, there is numerous software out there in the market, but two of the most popular software are iMindMap and MindManager. Although these both offer great features, MindManager is considered to be a bit superior, and various reasons support this statement. You can also insert a blank puzzle piece template in the mindmaps created on these softwares, which is quite unique and amazing.

Top reasons why Mindjet’s mind mapping software is better than iMindMap

Most people and users believe that MindManager is better than IMindmap, and it is also too clear from the rankings of the software. Various benefits of MindManager forces the users to pick it over iMindmap, and some of them are as follows;


MindManager offers an auto-creation feature that creates the presentation automatically for the user and lowers his burden and efforts to a great extent. It automatically creates different slides of the mind maps according to the user, which can be used by the user as a presentation. It is a highly useful feature as the user can also adjust the end result with the help of it. IMindMap doesn’t offer any feature like this, which makes MindManager a better mind mapping software anytime as compared to iMindMap.

Keeps unnecessary features away

Most of the modern software is packed with unnecessary additional features, which makes them quite irritating and frustrating and also makes the user interface highly complex. It is one of the biggest advantages of using MindManager that it only offers the primary and most needed feature for mind mapping; however, it does have other advanced features too, but it only provides access to it to the user when it is really needed. It provides all the necessary features and options by default and adds more advanced features according to the needs and requirements of the user. On the other hand, there is no such feature when you use iMindMap, which is also a big reason why most people prefer MindManager from Mindjet over iMindMap.

Highly flexible

MindManager offers you an enormous amount of flexibility and allows you to change, adjust, and manipulate ideas, views, and concepts to a great extent. You have complete freedom to alter all the facts, information, ideas, and concepts easily. No one is perfect, and especially in mind mapping mistakes can be done, and some last-minute changes may be needed to be done. MindManager makes doing it much easier where other software like iMindMap doesn’t offer such offers and increases the number of limitations and increases the amount of freedom for the users.

Makes it easy to spot errors

There are a lot of mistakes in the information, ideas, and concepts in a mind map, and it is highly important to spot them all and rectify them. Mind mapping software such as MindManager makes it easy to pick out all the errors in information and correct them all. A mind map is a group of all the information and facts in your mind, and when you take a look at them collectively, it becomes easier to spot all the gaps and mistakes. It helps you to see where you lack and where you need to add more resources and gather more information. Other software like iMindMap do help the user in this aspect, but MindManager is far way better than any other software.

Better clarity

Clarity is of the utmost importance when you are creating a mind map, and it is one of the most significant benefits of MindManager that it offers excellent clarity on the major problems and contributes a lot in enhancing efficiency and productivity. It allows the users to rearrange and mix up the ideas and concepts in different ways until they reach a proper and suitable arrangement.

To put it in a nutshell, there are various mind mapping software and MindManager and iMindMap two of the most efficient out of all, but there are some reasons that make MindManager way better than iMindMap.