I must admit sandals are usually my preferred form of summer footwear. Some people may prefer flip-flops over to the less open type of shoe, but most people do not have a scar on their left foot that they are strangely vain about. If you had met me in real life you might be surprised that I would be vain about anything at all, although one day I plan on working on it as soon as I get around to conquering my tendency to procrastinate first.

In fact, I would probably still prefer sandals had I not encountered the foamy clogs that now adorn my feet. For someone with high arches, sandals can be a pain at times and most types of footwear offer little to no arch support. True, by wearing them I can connect with the part of me that wishes it lived in the classical world, but it’s not good for long term wear. Those who suffer from the ailment know that occasionally the ankles can register their protests in a quite loud albeit noiseless way. For such people, there are shoe insoles that they can use in order to get rid of these ailments. With the help of the shoe insoles that you get here, you can easily increase the comfort of your favorite pair of sandals. 

Were it not for my personal preference not to wear flip flops and reveal the bump on my left foot that has been there since I stepped on a Star Wars glass when I was only two years old, I might point out the problems with those. The piece of footwear only held onto the feet by a thong between the big toe and the next one can be quite noisy when walking down the aisles of a store and their soles are often quite thin which makes it easy for sharp objects to poke through.

So, you may ask what exactly prompted the switch from the sandals which were a cheap Wal-Mart special to the Airwalk clogs I am wearing now? Like all my clothing choices, it is simply motivated by comfort. Sure, the clogs maybe a little safer, but the difference is not that significant over sandals which have soles that are usually made from a hard and thick material. They do unfortunately expose the scar I mentioned in the above paragraphs but a strap that sits across the front can be moved to the back so they can be worn more like sandals and if I’m too self-conscious about the likelihood of someone staring at my foot I can always move the strap down lower.

Unlike sandals, the clogs – good ones anyway and not the wooden ones typically associated with Holland – offer good arch support. The spongy soles may not make it feel like you literally walk on air, but they seem to offer good shock support when you have t go over bumpy areas. If you wear them for no other purpose they should go readily into a creek or pole and make a good pair of swimming shoes.

The clogs made by Airwalk are definitely recommended. Avoid store-bought imitations if you can as they will not provide the same level of comfort or durability. If your kids worry about wearing a brand of sneakers sold at Payless, you can always opt to only buy them for yourself.