Some elegant decors, simple pieces of furniture and a classy carpet are just enough to give a plain room in your home a perfect touch. Carpet installation, as it seems, is not all that difficult. Thinking ahead according to a pre-formulated plan with some common sense is the best step when it all comes to do-it-yourself.

Steps For Carpet Installation

The process of installation starts with gathering the necessary items such as eye protection, safety gloves, some specialized tools and other essential items. Almost all the specialized tools such as power stretchers, knee-kickers, carpet iron and etc. can all be rented from a tools rental stores at very nominal cost. The other essential items may be available in the market and are quite inexpensive as well.

Prior to purchasing the carpet it is important to calculate how much carpet is actually needed. Taking a measurement of the length and the breadth of the room can easily do this.

The next step is to purchase the carpet according to the measurement. But before that there are certain significant things to be kept in the mind. Insofar the expenses are concerned, it may be unwise to enter into a store and pick the one that strikes your eyes and pay for it and foolishly return back home. It is advisable to spend time judging the market, the price range and the quality of the product. When you are satisfied with all these factors, purchase the one that suits your room.

The next step is to nail the metal or the wooden trackless strips all around the perimeter of the room. The carpet will be fixed to this strip. While nailing the strip see to it that the nails should face the wall’s direction and not the inner side of room. According to carpet cleaning placida fl, positioning is very crucial in installing carpet. A good positioned carpet tends to last for a long time.

Put down a felt or a rubber or foam underlay pad before laying the carpet. Selection of this pad should be according to what type of carpeting you have actually chosen. An expert or an experienced carpet manufacturer may give you the right guideline in this regard. However in order to fix the pad properly it should be stapled at a regular gap of every six inches, with clean seam between the strips.

Then lay the carpet with approximately four inches extra on each side of the room. After it has been fully stretched out on all the sides, simply trim off the extra part from the back, using a utility knife. Place the seams in the inconspicuous part and keep the pile run along the same direction which is very important. For a patterned carpet you need to match the pattern so as to give a uniform look.

To cut the flush seam, fold the edge of the carpet with a few inches extra where the carpet touches the wall. Fold the carpet back again and mark the straight ending line, ensuring a straight cut. If done properly you are sure to have a great finishing. Then place a strip of the seaming tape under the new edges and use the carpet iron to ensure smoothness.

After properly fixing the either side of the main corner, stretch out tightly the carpet on the opposite part using the power stretcher. After hooking the entire corner and the sides properly do the same for the alternate corners and sides. Trim off all the excess endings in a straight lines running along the wall.

You can also put necessary metal strips under doorways to complete the task of carpeting installation.Do it yourself carpet installation will save you money and will surely look wonderful.