If you love to decorate and clean your garden, you must have learned about lawn movers. Several types of lawnmowers are available in the market, like Robotniidukid, which are generally automatic lawnmowers and mulching mowers. However, there is a massive difference between them, which everyone must know before buying. So, if you are looking forward to purchasing a lawnmower, make sure you go through this list.

Different shaped blades

Both lawn mowers come with high-quality blades, but the fact is that mulching mowers have curved mulching blades that don’t provide perfection. Instead, it cuts grass improperly and makes it look unhealthy. At the same time, robotic lawnmowers are pretty compatible. They use both straight and curved blades to evenly trim every end of the garden. You can also use them on zig-zag paths and surfaces without any hesitation.

Cutting surfaces

Well, both of these mowers come with different cutting surfaces. The mulching one has multiple cutting surfaces, while robotic lawn mowers have various options. So you do not get a facility of choosing just one type but several depending upon your garden and the growth of the grass. In this way, you can cut single overgrown grasses or edges around the corners of ponds and beds without difficulty.


No doubt, a mulching mower requires physical appearance. Therefore, you can use them only when you are present on your lawn. Along with that, it does not provide you blades to work on edges and small corners. However, robotic lawnmowers are pretty efficient. You can set the task’s timer and do any of your other work. It will precisely trim and chop all the unnecessary grass without any issue. Along with it, they are rechargeable and have a long life expectancy if appropriately taken care of.

The final verdict

These are some of the differences which makes robotic lawn mower more effective, efficient, and worth investing in. Make sure you follow them before buying lawn equipment. You cannot waste your money on a mower that will stop working after some time. That is why it is better to opt for a desirable mower that gives the best results in the long run.