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Summer Is The Great Time For Online Dating

Summer Is The Great Time For Online Dating

Love is the most powerful feeling that a person can endure, when a person loves someone it is unconditional without …
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Crazy Bulk To Make Your Way Towards Excellent Fitness

Crazy Bulk To Make Your Way Towards Excellent Fitness

You want to achieve perfect body figure, but you do not want to use anabolic steroids. Of course, those supplements …
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The Cost Of Ripples Xrp May Just Bleed In Spite Of Emerging Costs Of Bitcoin

The Cost Of Ripples Xrp May Just Bleed In Spite Of Emerging Costs Of Bitcoin

The ripple value remained in a bearish zone and did not get better above 0.2980 USD in opposition to America’s...

5 Tips For Getting Approved For Plastic Surgery Financing 

5 Tips For Getting Approved For Plastic Surgery Financing 

Many males and females are willing for plastic surgery to help them get the desired color or shape. Due to...

Should I Refinance With a Heloc?

Should I Refinance With a Heloc?

Are you considering refinancing? If so, then a home equity line of credit, or HELOC, maybe the way to go....

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Lose Weight With The Help Of Jillian Michaels

Lose Weight With The Help Of Jillian Michaels

If you've ever browsed the fitness DVD section of your local retail store, watched the hit TV reality show The...

Anti-Aging Antioxidants: How to Slow Down the Aging Process

Anti-Aging Antioxidants: How to Slow Down the Aging Process

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Three Tips You Should Know While Buying A Health Insurance Plan

Three Tips You Should Know While Buying A Health Insurance Plan

Being secured and protected through a health insurance plan is now a necessity. Not only it takes away all the...


Sweeney Todd Movie Review

Sweeney Todd marks the sixth collaboration between Johnny Depp, and Director Tim Burton. This is also the first musical for either artist, and they decided to tackle one of the darkest musicals around.

Sweeney Todd is the story of Benjamin Barker (Depp) who was sent away to prison on a false charge cooked up by Judge Turpin played devilishly by Alan Rickman. When he returns to London he isn’t the man he used to be, but all he wants is to see his wife, and child.

Benjamin Barker makes his way back to the spot where he used to live with his beautiful wife only to find that a Mrs. Lovett has opened a meat pie-selling store on the first floor, and that the second floor is long empty. Benjamin finds out from Mrs. Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter) what exactly happened to his wife, and daughter. It seems that Judge Turpin forced himself on his wife, and sometime later she poisoned herself, and now Judge Turpin plans on marrying his daughter against her will.

Soon Barker takes on the name of Sweeney Todd, and he sets out to exact his revenge on all those who had wronged him with the help of Mrs. Lovett who seems to have a deep affliction for Mr. Todd. He opens up his old Barber Shop where he wishes to give some people the closest shave they’ll ever know.

This is a very dark movie, and at its core it’s a horror movie. The imagery is dark, and beautiful all at the same time. There are elements of comedy to lighten up the film between killing sprees, and other dark moments. The musical numbers are small, but grand in their delivery, and the sets are so wonderful, and full of detail.

The acting is terrific with Johnny Depp leading a great cast of actors. Depp shows why he is one of our greatest actors with a great performance. He captures Todd’s hatred for the world that had wronged him, and he sings his heart out when the time comes for him to do so.

Alan Rickman is great as the sleazy Judge Turpin, and the scenes with him, and Depp are awe inspiring to watch with two great actors going at it on screen together.

Rickman has always been a natural in such roles and this, alongwith Severus Snape from Harry Potter, will always live on in the hearts of his innumerable fans and keep his memory alive. You can tune into couchtuner online to watch it in all glory.

Helena Bonham Carter is also terrific here as Mrs. Lovett. She plays off of Depp very well, and her comedic tone is a great foil to play off of Depp’s dark, and brooding character.

Tim Burton serves up some beautiful imagery, as one would expect from a director of his talent. The world he creates is seen through Todd’s eyes, and it’s a dark world full of seedy characters. Tim Burton takes great glee in showing his audience every blood spurt from the victims of Todd’s revenge filled rage, and yet the film remains beautiful even during these scenes of murder.

Overall I loved this movie, and it deserves some awards when the time comes. It’s beautiful, funny, haunting, and just a wonderful cinematic experience.

6 Tips to Avoid Defaulting on a Student Loan

Thousands of students and former students default on their student loans each year. Unfortunately, doing so can have some detrimental effects on a person’s credit and more. For some individuals, there is no way to avoid defaulting on student loans, but the majority of people can take various measures to keep their loans in good standing. Lending companies aren’t completely unsympathetic, so here are some ways to avoid defaulting on a student loan.

Apply for an income-based repayment plan.

Income-based repayment plans are great for people who can’t repay their loans because they make too little money to support themselves. With this plan, a person’s payments get scaled to their income, which will significantly reduce monthly payments. Most individuals will find that they can now more easily pay their loans and avoid a default. On the other hand, a person who makes more money could be out of luck.

Borrow money from a friend or relative if necessary.

Loans come with interest no matter what, but that doesn’t always apply for loans from friends or family members. So then, it is possible to borrow money from someone else to pay off student loans. Some people won’t charge a friend or relative interest as long as they are repaid in a timely manner. This arrangement is much better than getting charge hundreds of dollars in interest each year and having trouble paying back student loans. Of course, anyone that tries this must pay back their friend or relative.

Go to community college as a full-time student.

Loans go into a deferment period when a loan holder is in school full-time. Of course, current students that aren’t full-time students can simply take an extra couple classes at a community college. This is a cost-effective measure to get loans deferred for a few extra months or however long. Community college courses usually cost very little per unit, so anybody should be able to use this method. Sure, it might be harder for people who need to work a lot to pay bills and eat, but online classes make this method even easier.

Consolidate, Defer, or Cancel the loans.

Consolidating student loans puts all loans into one big one so that a person has one payment each month on a gigantic loan. In the end, it could cost more in interest, but the monthly payments will be drastically reduced. Also, there are various ways to get a loan deferment, whether a person is a full-time student or has some other valid necessity for one. Deferments can last for a few months or a few years, depending upon the circumstances. Finally, loan cancellations are much harder to obtain. A person must be under some super financial hardship or meet the requirements through some other means.

Reduce your costs elsewhere.

One of the best ways to avoid defaulting on a loan is to decrease costs elsewhere. Obviously, this is very possible because people spend extra money all the time. Individuals can reduce their utility bills, cancel cable bills, go out less, and more. A great option for students is to simply move back in with their parents or find a cheaper place to live. Undoubtedly, the smallest thing can help a person have more money to pay off their loans to avoid a default. If you’re into coding and programming, you can also try using Docker to lower down your expenses as it’s more efficient in using system resources and speeds up software delivery cycles. It might not be that much at the start, but it’ll help you save in the long run.

Talk to the loan company.

In the end, the only option a student or other person might have is to talk to the loan company. Loan companies won’t cancel a person’s debt for no reason, but they can provide a person with various options. Different repayment plans, deferred payments, and extended loan terms are just a few of the tools a loan company can provide to an individual. Obviously, that’s a lot better than an actual default. Loan companies will help people with student loans out because they want to receive their money without using debt collectors or the courts.

Avoid defaulting at all costs!

A defaulted loan can lead to wage garnishment, a ruined credit history, and even bankruptcy. However, bankruptcy won’t always cancel student loans. Therefore, a person with student loans should do all that they can to avoid a default. Various solutions and options are available to student loan holders if they are willing to seek them out or ask for them. Loan defaults are not an inevitability, especially on student loans.

Distance Greyhounds Prep for $50,000 Naples Ft. Myers Derby

Some of the best routers in Florida are gearing up for the $50,000 Naples Derby through otc login, to be held at Naples-Ft. Myers Greyhound Track in Bonita Springs, Florida. The likes of Derby Lane’s Flying Bridgeport, Hallo Arouser, and Flying Midnite, Tri-State’s Magic Penny Ante, Jacksonville’s Gil’s Lampasas, and hometown hero Greys Swing Gate are on the grounds right now and doing battle as they prep for the Naples Derby. However, with all these stars in the mix, vying for the Naples Derby crown which will be decided after elimination rounds pare the field down to the 8 finalists for the February 23rd championship, there is one dog perhaps being overlooked. That would be a greyhound with just a handful of outings under her belt- a blue streak of lightning named BT’ Kruzin By U.

This puppy, born in May of 2006 out of Aimin By Design and Maegan’s Got game, broke in at Naples in late December and right away showed a propensity for finishing strong over the 550-yard sprints. Kruzan By U drove up the Naples-Ft. Myers grading ladder to Grade A by coming from far back at the first turn and flying home down the stretch, advancing in 8 contests to the top level. She has yet to run a 660 yard 3/8ths of a mile race, but she has been entered in one and how she does will determine if her handlers enter her in the Naples Derby. If her late foot translates well into the longer yardage route, she could be trouble for the more established dogs competing for the top money.

Of those veterans, Flying Bridgeport, who hails from Derby Lane up the coast in St. Petersburg, is the biggest star. Expected to be named the winner of the 2007 Flashy Sir Award, the honor bestowed on the nation’s best distance greyhound each year, he has been kenneled at Naples and getting used to the racing surface for a couple of weeks now, with a trio of dominating wins and a closing second in 4 tries. The soon-to-be All-American has run the fastest 3/8ths clocking of the young season at Naples, a 37.93 in a 10 length clobbering of his peers.

Flying Midnite, another Derby Lane stalwart, has been at Naples for 6 starts, garnering 3 wins in those efforts. Magic Penny Ante, the West Virginia oval’s standout racer, is 4 for 5 at Naples, her only defeat at the paws of Midnite on January 16th, and that was by just a neck. Gil’s Lampasas, a light brindle male that has called Orange Park in Jacksonville his home for the vast majority of his career, has arrived on the southwest Florida coast and after an easy 550-yard victory ran into trouble in his first 660-yard affair. His last-place finish was most likely due to inexperience coming out of the 3/8ths box, as this can be a problem for even the most grizzled greyhounds their first time on the backside. Lampasas has the speed to be a factor in the Naples- Ft. Myers Derby hunt, as does Hallo Arouser, a WW Apple Jax prodigy that is not yet 2.

Of the dogs stationed at Naples, Greys Swing Gate is the most fearsome on the longer distances. This 3-year-old female is in the midst of a 16 for 17 runs, with 10 straight wins as of this writing, most of those over the 770-yard marathon. Swing Gate has the ability to go to the front or come from off the pace and in her Naples-Ft. Myers’s career she has been triumphant in 46 of her 64 attempts. Swing Gate will be cheered on by the local railbirds as she tries to beat the invaders from the other venues, as will Pat C Shes Right. This greyhound comes out of the box like toothpaste from the tube but explodes down the backstretch and comes on late, although spotting that many lengths to the caliber of a greyhound that will be trying for the winner’s share of the $50,000 Naples Derby isn’t the best strategy advisable.

Shooting Games To Play For Free

There are many great games for a player to practice their sharp shooting skills, and some of the best shooting games to play for free are fantastic for skill building. Here are a few a person might like to try and some tips on what makes them so great.

1. High Noon Shootout

One of the classic, cowboy type shooting games to play for free is High Noon Shootout. In this game a player can choose between several different characters and have a shootout in the middle of an old time western road. There are also options for salon type shoot em ups and chances to win prizes according to high score. Have fun and try it out, link it up to facebook and let friends see how well they do at the challenge.

2. Shoot

Trying a great game that is tailored after the fashion of the matrix can be a fantastic way to ease stress when choosing which shooting games to play for free. This is a fast game with good, not necessarily great graphics. It’s free of adware and spyware. Includes a tool bar, can be shared through facebook and is easy to remove from a person’s computer.

3. Call of Bieber

What about shooting games to play for free that include celebrities? Try Call Of Bieber. Here a player can have fun and good hair, playing a renegade working to escape the police. Keep the gun reloaded and work hard to stay out of the line of fire. There is a great little picture at the bottom right hand corner that shows the damage Bieber is taking by the marks on his face.

4. Palisade Guardian 2

Palisade Guardian 2 is one of the best shooting games to play for free. This nifty game is good for working on sharpshooting skills. The player has a chance to set to the side and defend a wall. Kill all the enemy soldiers before they have a chance to take the wall down. There are levels to work through, money to be able to accrue and then be used to purchase better weapons.

5. Weapon

Weapon is one of the most fabulous shooting games to play for free online. There is nothing to download, no little executable files to deal with, it’s a simple click and go. In this game the player starts out with a military issue handgun defending the site of a helicopter crash. The quality of some shooting games to play for free can be lacking in the are of graphics, and actual execution of play.

So have a little fun taking a rainy afternoon and try out one or all of these fantastic shooting games to play for free.

If you are looking for a game that has all of the above characteristics, then Pokemon go plus will surely set the bar high because it contains tales of friendship, opponents, weapons, guardians and many more as the Pokemons are the lifelines of all the characters and are quite popular among young children even today.

Ceramic Tiles- Learn the Technique

We always want to look our best whenever we are out in public so that they notice us and shower praise and accolades. The human psyche is such that the average person wants to get himself noticed in the public eye and come into the spotlight so as to get his fifteen minutes of fame.

Also, we aspire to be in possession of all the best things in the world, be it house, car, girlfriend, job, etc. to name a few. This tendency to look and aspire for the very best is what makes a man ambitious and makes him obsessed to the nature of his cause.

The obsession festers and grows so great that it deflects him from the sense of right and wrong and leads him to the wrong path to achieve his goals, which has become a norm today.

However, there are certain people who despite facing wrong circumstances and injustice still have moral values and want to do things the right way and make their parents proud.

New Task

They are the people who know that the current job market is bad but they don’t just wail about it but buck up and create many opportunities of their own by learning new things.

It can be anything right from learning to act or taking online courses for software and digital marketing.

But what we are going to talk about today is something that is very different and that is learning to cut ceramic tiles. Yes, this new task is not what comes to mind when you decide on something new to do.

Ceramic is a solid dome or material akin to glass or marble but mainly made up of metals and metalloids of the highest order and in looks can easily pass off as glass and marble at first glance.

It would take an expert eye to discern it from its more well known counterparts, who are mainly so for being utilized more by human beings each day. People mostly eat in ceramic plates but they don’t have any other knowledge about it other than this.

Therefore, let us get to understand ceramic in a detailed process so that readers can get an idea of what exactly it pertains to. Apart from metals, you can also find ceramic materials made of non-metals, alloys and ionic covalent as well.


Ceramic is quite crystal clear in nature and it is this property that sets it apart from others as it is so relatable to all kinds of people. Ceramic that is fired are of both semi-vitrified and vitrified quality and can be in the form of things such as stoneware, earthenware and crystalline substances.

To describe ceramic’s beauty in its entirety would take a few days atleast and one article is not enough to relay everything so therefore we will leave it here itself as one might write a whole book on it.

It would be suffice it to say that ceramic is one of the most important particles that comprises of various aspects of human nature, which is how it is so popular and yet so underrated at the same time because not many people can understand its extraordinary facets.


It wouldn’t be surprising to know that the origins of ceramic go back to the ancient times where it was mainly used for pottery objects, whose main ingredient is clay and is mixed with silica and accordingly sintered in fire based on its size.

After sometime, ceramics were heated in fire to create surfaces that were colorful and smooth through glassy coatings of ceramic made on top of the crystalline substrates.

Its history is quite rich as it has become quite a popular practice even today in the rural villages of South Asian countries where pottery is still a norm that is used widely but this time it has large amounts of ceramic coatings on the surface to give it a glazed look.

Crystallized ceramic can be given a mould of your choice and sintered to form a manifested version of a solid human body structure whereas non crystallized ceramics are made up of pure glass and is formed only through the melted remnants of ceramic from the fire.

Ceramic Cutting

It has been mentioned in the above paragraph that the job market is quite bad in current times and people are forced to do menial jobs to make ends meet and you can get more info about it online.

On a positive note, many youngsters have taken up ceramic cutting as a profession simply because they are talented and unique in their thought process as many of them have opened up their own shops after a period of experience and are providing jobs to others as well.

Therefore, it is a safe venture that promises to give high revenues and if you are talented enough, you can very well try it and come out with flying colors in the process.

There are 3 ways to cut ceramic tiles and they are as follows:

  1. There is nothing apprehensive about it as you need to take a glass cutter and cut at the surface or otherwise  a wet saw would be better to make it easier
  2. By drawing a straight line with a pencil and cutting away the portion, you place the tile on the table and reposition it and cut across the line without touching the square
  3. Use the glass cutter to press the tile down and drag it across the drawn line to make a shallow cut at the corner

3D Printing: The Future of Manufacturing

When it comes to manufacturing products, quality is a high priority but ease of manufacturing and reduction of costs is a major player in the field. There are several things that can be implemented to make things easier and cheaper to manufacture, but many of these cause a loss in quality. The use of 3D printers can keep high quality while increasing speed and reducing costs. 3D printing is the process of using a material to layer different levels and build up an end product such as linear guide rails for drawers. For a more visual example of this, it is the technology used in Jurassic Park 3 when they create the “voice box” of a raptor. By spraying liquid polymers in layers, you can create any part that you may need. As long as you have a schematic of the product, you can set up the layers and create the piece. It is now possible to use multiple materials to construct these items. 

This means that you can create components inside components and they can even be made of two different materials. Imagine making a small gearbox that is constructed of steel with magnesium gears inside. This is now possible through the use of 3D printing.

The first thing that you need to know when talking about 3D printing is the different types of printing that are available. There are four major methods that are used right now with this technology. The oldest one of these was developed by Stratasys and is known as Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). This is just like the example in Jurassic Park 3. It is a nozzle that sprays a liquid polymer layer by layer and builds the model from the ground up. You can easily get minute details into your prototypes and models, but the functionality of these is limited. It also requires someone to grind off all of the “loose” resins and burs that remain from the use of resins. This process usually only allows one type of polymer to be used. This is a great solution for those that just need models and visual aids such as architects and product designers. You can rapidly and inexpensively produce visualizations of very large scale projects in a simple model. While many of these used to be made of wood and take months to craft, you can now get a sturdy polymer (usually plastic but can be metal or mineral-based) model to show functionality and detail.

Selective Fusing is another common method to produce these 3D models. This is a fairly simple and basic method of creating components. It starts with a bed of granules, usually metal, and the object is sintered (basically melted together) via a laser. The laser will pinpoint the shape and details of the end product and fuse the granules together to produce the completed project. This is great for creating machine parts but is limited in the amount of detail that can be used. The real benefit of this type of production is that you can create extremely thin walls and supports on the interior of your product. The biggest drawback to this style of printing is that you are limited to one type of material. It is also very difficult to make moving parts with this method. You can create two separate pieces and then put them together. This method will commonly have burs and imperfections that may need to be ground off as well. Two common technologies used in this style of 3D printing are Selective and Direct Metal Laser Sintering (SLS and DMLS respectively).

When it comes to very tiny and extremely detailed needs, 3D Micro Fabrication in a 2-photon photopolymerization is the best choice. This method is a little more expensive but very precise. You can get details down to 100 nanometers in size. To do this, a polymer gel is carved by a laser. This gel is then cured and the area that was carved by the laser is solidified. The remaining gel is gently washed away and the remaining product is ready to be used. While this method is a little more expensive to use, it is very easy and can create some very complex designs with moving pieces and interlocking parts. While there is yet to be a metallic based gel for this method, sturdy plastic-type materials, and silicone parts can easily be created. This may be a possible choice for the actual production of your end product and not just a prototype.

The most common and researched version of 3D printing utilizes an inkjet printing style. In the past, only starches and resins could be used for this, but the advances have been phenomenal. This is not only the most common but the lowest costing form of 3D printing as well as the fastest. This method uses the inkjets to spray out an adhesive in layers. Another jet sprays the desired media on the adhesive. There is often a laser or other heating method to rapidly dry the layer that will pass behind the jets. The benefits of this method are huge. Not only can you get your parts in record time, but you can now use several different components in your end product. An example of this would be creating an aluminum cased gearbox with titanium gears inside. There are a variety of materials that you can create from. The traditional starches and rosins can still be used as well as metals and even human cells. This is the same technology that is being used to create organs in some hospitals now.

All of these versions have their advantages, but the inkjet style 3D modeling is the best all-around method. There have been several advances in 3D printing in recent years and more are being made all the time. There is a group called RepRap trying to use this technology to create computers. They are already capable of creating a computer chip, but self-replication is still a little ways off for computers. Creating organs via this method was a huge advance andOrganovo, a company in San Diego has just recently sent out several of these machines for testing in hospitals. They can now create a living and fully functioning organ in a matter of weeks without cloning. They even use the patient’s original organ cells to prevent any rejection of the organ.

Unlike past methods like stereolithography, there are no harmful chemicals used and you no longer get just a base to start with. You do not have to produce piece after piece and the burs and finishing work are much less with 3D printing. There is no more piecing together several lithograph pieces after sanding and washing them in toxic substances. Most of these methods only require some simple dusting and polishing for a very presentable and functional end product.

The cost of these has dramatically dropped in the past years. While the hardware for creating an organ may run around $200K dollars, you can get a more functional and usable 3D printer for your business for much less. The object has a high-quality solution for your business and they are quite affordable. They will even accept trade-ins and have other promotions to help you get one of these inkjet style 3D printers in your office. For the more functional and minute Micro Fabrication printer, you can find them for under $20K from dimension Printers.

There have been several advances and tons of research into the technology of 3D printing. With all of the competing research that is currently occurring, there are several advances that will be made in the very near future. By the end of this year, it may be much more common to hear of people with fabricated organs. Within five years, instead of backing up your hard drive to disk, you may be able to just print a new one. It will be amazing to see the things that we will be able to do with this technology. From making your own car parts at home to printing steaks for dinner, there will be some great things to come from 3D printing.

Where Professional Men Can Find Affordable, Nice Fitting Dress Shirts

Are you like me? Do you put on a collared, button down shirt 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year?

If you’re a working male, then probably! I was tired of ridiculously large dress shirts with too much extra fabric, to such an outrageous extent that your shirt sometimes knocks over things in my apartment. And I decided that I spent enough time in a dress shirt that it was time to do something about it. And so I did some research. And I want you to benefit from it.

Joseph A Banks. I love JBanks, for some things. You can get sportscoats and suits from JBanks for a reasonable price (jump in during one of their 70% off sales). If you’re getting married, or looking to buy three suits for the price of one, I highly recommend it. But I can’t stand their shirts, even though they’re reasonably priced. The slim fit shirts are huge, and I don’t even know who buys the non-slim fit.

Brooks Brothers. You can’t go wrong with a Brooks Brothers slim fit, non-iron, but you can’t go all that right either. These shirts are a little more flattering than JBanks, and they do a great job with the non-iron part as you just have to throw them in the dryer. But for some unknown reason, my friends and I often find ourselves going through the sleeves in these shirts way too early. For the price, I don’t think they are quite worth it.

Charles Tywrhitt. I think these shirts are the hidden gem of the shirt world, and yet no one seems to know about them, and I have no idea why. One guess is that the name is just too difficult to pronounce. If you buy them at the right time, you can get four dress shirts for $200, or $50 a shirt. The non-iron shirts are pretty decent, and the slim or tailored fit shirts fit very nicely, if I do say so myself.

Nordstrom. Nordstrom has a great brand of EasyCare shirts you can get for about $50 a shirt. They are difficult to come by, for some reason, but they are great shirts and are a great fit.

Ledbury. I love these shirts. They’re expensive and they aren’t non-iron, but they are worth it. These shirts typically run about $115 – $135. If you catch them during a sale, or take advantage of their refer-a-friend discount, then you can get them for under $100, but they are still never going to be cheap. But you just can’t beat the fit! Buy these when you want to splurge.

And finally, where do you go to get these shirts? I always go online. Ledbury, Charles Tywrhitt, and Banana Republic have great shipping and return policies, which I love. Others, charge a little bit for shipping, in which case I’d be more inclined to go to the store.

To compliment your stylish outfit, you can also incorporate a minimalist coin wallet. Certainly, nobody wants their outfit to be ruined by just bringing a handy and bulky wallet. Hence, it is really important to choose a wallet that comes very handy.

So there you have it. I spend more time in dress shirts than in any other type of clothing, so I want to look good but don’t want to spend too much money either.

Shipping Container: A Functional Solution for Alternative Housing

Ever wondered what happens to old shipping container after they don’t meet standards required for ocean travel, they get sold. Some as cheap as $1,000 or less. Just think about it, a square structure made of solid steel ready to start a second life in another form.

What better starting point then to have a basic shell that is solid, strong and able to be molded into what ever form you have the talents to pursue. Stackable for expanding the concept to what ever degree is desired. With basic building and welding skills, the average do it yourself enthusiast can take this solid foundation and create a building that will suit what ever need he may have.

With housing prices having skyrocketed in recent years, the inflated cost of housing has far outpaced the stagnant wages of many in this country. There is a serious need for low cost housing. Not to say a small house built from a shipping container can’t be made to be attractive, but at some point functionality becomes a criteria of higher priority them following the same old methods of home construction.

Why a do it yourself approach? There are a number of companies converting shipping containers for industrial use. Everything from portable housing units, shower facilities, or office space. Some are also constructing modular units that are erected together to create unique housing opportunities. The one common element is they all are high priced units. With high prices you remove the ability to address the huge and growing needs of the people that are considered at, or near poverty level, or victims of natural disasters. That said, it is very crucial to follow all the necessary precautions and consider all the relevant factors when transforming shipping container into a livable house. The little container dwelling of yours must meet all local building codes. After all, your safety and protection are the priorities that must be considered above all.

This web site, Cargo Container Structures will give you some ideas of the elaborate structures that are being built from cargo containers. Showing the flexibility, and commercial soundness of this type of building. More in line with the ideas of this article, is a back woods cabin created from two shipping container. The progress of this project can be found at Rain Forest Cabin .

With a goal of livable space, with all the necessities required for long term comfort for two people. All being set up within the confines of a 320 sq ft space. Admittedly small and compact, but as many studio apartments are of similar sized space, an acceptable situation none the less.

Built with the bathroom located on one end, allowing the kitchen, and all plumbing to be located in the same corner of the container. Condensed, simple construction is best. Leaving as much room as possible for living space. Murphy style beds, easy to pull down to accommodate sleeping, but allowing open space during the day.

This straight forward design lends itself well to single unit applications, allowing external decks, and canopies to open out the living space to include an outdoor terrace. This would relieve any feelings of closeness the small space might bring into the picture.

By building units in a standard configuration, they could be stacked. An example would be two stacks three high with external stairways providing access to each unit. In a very small space you would have six units, and housing for twelve people. With all utilities coming to the same corner, allowing quick installation, and easy service down the road.

This level of adaptability is seldom found in any other building shell. You can take this concept in so many ways, whether commercial or residential.

If you feel confident you have the talent to do a mid-range remodeling job on an older wooden structure, you can easily meet the requirements to complete a Cargo Container Conversion.

Why I’m Dropping Starbucks Coffee from My Life, &; Why I Think Starbucks is Made Up of Corporate Bastards

Many of my readers have consistently emailed me to ask if I’d been approached by Starbucks yet. These loyal readers of mine are wondering if Starbucks has offered me a high-paying, lucrative position in its corporate ranks. The readers are wondering because they enjoyed the “creative” and “incredibly innovative approach” I took to help Starbucks market its Thanksgiving Blend Coffee. (read the first Starbucks article here)

Has Starbucks offered me a high-paying job? Has Starbucks offered me a low-paying position? Has Starbucks even sent an email of thanksgiving for my hard work and highly-unique approach at spreading the love about their coffees, particularly their Thanksgiving Blend? No.

I have not heard one word from Starbucks, other than the irritating emails they’re always sending me insisting I buy their more lucrative coffees. Well, concerned readers, you might be happy to know that I’m dumping these corporate bastards. I just wanted to answer you all with one article. (read the second Starbucks article here)

After hours of work and promotion of Starbucks Thanksgiving Blend coffee, I didn’t even receive an email thanking me for my work. Many of you thought I should be given a top post at Starbucks headquarters. One of you even suggested Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz should pay me six-figures just to pop his popcorn in the main office. For the starbucks coffee, robusta coffee beans supplier will provide the ingredients. Proper testing of the ingredients should be done to offer the tasty drink to the person at affordable rates. 

I can assure you, no such offer was advanced to your dear writer. So I’m dropping the bastards. Starbucks is a disgrace to Moby Dick’s first mate, Starbuck (he was an earnest man), and Starbucks is a disgrace to Herman Melville. (read about Starbucks Thanksgiving Blend’s erotic element)

Why this wrath? some of you ask. My dear readers know why; they’ve been rooting for me for over a year, telling me I deserved a place in the loftiest Starbucks tower, where I would market Starbucks coffees while overlooking a vast city landscape.

This wrath is because Starbucks has treated me like it treats the environment. Like shit. To be fair, Starbucks has treated me even worse than ‘shit’; Starbucks has acted like they don’t even know I exist, and that’s more painful than any kind of negative criticism.

I hate to break it to you, readers, but Starbucks pretends they don’t know of my existence. Starbucks acts as if I haven’t prompted dozens of families to stray from their favorite local coffee shops and to begin buying coffee at Starbucks.

Well, that is no more! I rescind my bountiful nice comments about the world’s most destructive coffee chain! Drink Peet’s Coffee instead; enjoy Coffee Bean coffee! Best of all, support your local coffee shops. And if you own a Starbucks cap or t-shirt, I say, wipe your ass with it and then donate it to charity. And pin a note to it that reads:

Love, Starbucks

Complications of Hip Replacement Surgery

Blood Clots

Blood clots that form within the veins of the legs are the most common complication that people suffer from after hip replacement surgery. Clots that remain in the leg after surgery are fine and normally dissolve on their own. The complication occurs when a clot breaks off. When a clot breaks off, it travels through the heart and into the lung causing a pulmonary embolism. Pain in the leg and shortness of breath are often symptoms of a pulmonary embolism. To help prevent blood clots from forming after surgery, a physician will prescribe a blood thinning medication called Coumadin. Also a patient is fitted with pressure cuffs on the legs to help circulation after surgery. A patient is also encouraged to stretch and exercise the legs to help keep blood flowing. Sometimes blood clots will form anyways despite all these preventions and a patient will need to remain in the hospital two extra days until the clot is dissolved.


Infection is a risk with any surgery but is an even greater risk after hip replacement surgery. Antibiotics are given before, during, and after hip replacement surgery to lower the chances of getting an infection. However, an infection can occur even years after a hop replacement surgery. Bacteria can travel through the bloodstream from an infected source within the body such as an infected wound or kidney infection. All infections should be treated so that it does not spread to the artificial hip. It is also important to take antibiotics before and after any dental work. Any infection that you get within the body has to be treated to prevent the bacteria from spreading to the artificial hip.


Dislocation of the hip replacement can occur after surgery and anytime after you have healed from the procedure. The metal ball can slip out of the plastic socket of the artificial hip. For the first 6 weeks after surgery, the ball is held in the socket by muscle tension. Scar tissue hasn’t formed around the ball yet and the hip muscle isn’t as strong. It is during this six week time that the ball can become dislocated. During this early period after hip replacement surgery, a physical therapist will let you know what movements to avoid. If the ball dislocates from the hip socket, the physician will then pop it back in place.

Dislocation is the most complicated problem of all as one wrong move means everything is back to square one and the doctors alone can help you out regarding further plan of action but an occasional visit to can ease things up a bit.

Complications With Bleeding

After surgery, bleeding can occur and pool into the wound days after hip replacement surgery due to blood thinners. If bleeding occurs, this can cause dislocation of the new hip. Sometimes the bleeding can be so severe that a physician may have to open the wound back up and drain the blood away.

It is important that after surgery you follow your doctor’s order to prevent complications from happening.