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Summer Is The Great Time For Online Dating

Summer Is The Great Time For Online Dating

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Crazy Bulk To Make Your Way Towards Excellent Fitness

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Tips For Success With Your Email Marketing Campaign

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The Cost Of Ripples Xrp May Just Bleed In Spite Of Emerging Costs Of Bitcoin

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Nail Design Of The Day Starry Night Nail Tutorial

It’s almost that very special night of the year when we put our best dress, wear our best dancing shoes and be the belle of the catwalk fashion. And we want to help you be even more fine-looking, by showing you some cool makeup ideas and nail designs.

With the festive season upon us, it’s time to start thinking about those all-important outfits, makeup, and beauty “accessories”. The nail design we want to show you ladies today is called “Starry Night” and it is created by Revlon’s Nail Ambassador Jenny Longworth. This nail art is not complicated and creates that amazing effect that is perfect for a special event.

Here are the steps on how to create the “Starry Night” nail design by Revlon.

Step 1.

Start by applying a base coat to help your nail enamel adhere to the nail plate and also prevent any staining.

Step 2.

Sweep over Plum Seduction Nail Enamel base color by Revlon to achieve the same look as in the images.

Step 3.

Paint Impulsive by Revlon onto the makeup sponge and then dab this on the bottom part and tips of your nails. You want to build up the color towards the ends, and change the part of the sponge you’re using frequently as the enamel can dry and clog – the quicker you do this part the better.

Don’t worry if your purple goes on your fingers too, you can tidy this up later using a cotton bud soaked in remover

Step 4.

Add the dot details in with Whitest White, here’s where you can add a bit more enamel on a nail design brush as you want the color to “bead” on the end of the brush, then using the tip of your brush, flick the white outwards to form the points of your stars. Vary the size of your stars and for the smaller ones they can be crosses and have your starts traveling diagonally across the nail

Step 5.

Leave the design to dry for a few minutes and then ‘float’ your topcoat over the top of your design so you don’t drag the polish, uses the three-stroke method you would for your base color to make sure your whole nail is covered.

Tips to Make Your WordPress Upgrade a Bit Smoother

When you have WordPress installed on your server already, and a new version comes out, there are pretty easy, intuitive instructions for implementing the upgrade. The instructions basically consist of deleting the old WordPress application off the server and uploading the new one and going through the extremely short, easy “install” process afterward.

They also give you the nice tip, “If you’ve tweaked any of your themes, be sure to back them up before deleting them off your server, so you can put them back up after the upgrade.” Sure! No problem! Thanks for the tip; I’ll do that!

And I did do that (last night). But there are a couple of tips they didn’t offer that I really could have used. Mainly because I trusted the process a bit too much and didn’t’ think it through. But still, it would have been nice to have done a few certain things to make my evening a lot less frustrating.

Here are some important and useful things that you should keep in mind throughout this whole process according to this Dallas web developer. First, don’t just back up the changes you made to your themes. Back up your wp-config file with your server information on it. Otherwise, you have to log into your server account and track down the database name and the username and password you set up for that DB.

Next, if you usually tell your admin log-in for WordPress to “remember me,” and thus might have forgotten your password because you haven’t been using it regularly, take care of that while you still have admin access before the upgrade.

Go in and change your password to something new and write it down. Because once you delete the old application and install the new one, you’re going to need to sign in. It won’t “remember” you after an upgrade. And that blank username and password field can look very daunting. Especially if you used a now-defunct e-mail address when you originally signed up as I did. And thus could not get your password reset emailed to you right away! In fact, you might go in and make sure your e-mail address is up to date as well, while you are at it!

And last but not least, make a note of what theme you were using, the location on the server where you had everything installed originally, and the hierarchy of those folders as to how they pertain to your backed up themes and images.

These are all things that would have made my life so much easier, especially because in the middle of all of this I wound up to have some technical difficulties as well with my computer. So these preventable problems just made it even worse when the unpreventable problems cropped up.

So, lesson learned. I thought would pass on these tips to spare others the crying and heartbreak I experienced last night as I went in circles for hours on end to do an upgrade that should have taken 45 minutes at the most!

Who Needs Puppy Horoscopes?

It is well known that the personalities of people are influenced by their date of birth and can be predicted quite accurately by making their horoscopes according to their date and month of birth. Like people puppies have distinct personalities. Many astrologers believe that a puppy’s personality and temperament can be predicted if its date and month of birth are correctly known. Astrological signs can be assigned to puppies just like humans according to their horoscopes. If this is true then horoscope data can help us in selecting the right puppy for our purpose, because everyone has a different reason for selecting a dog.

Because the temperaments of dogs belonging to the same breed can vary this knowledge can be useful in making the right choice. To be able to make puppy horoscopes you will need the date of birth of the puppy, which may not be always available. This is especially true if you are adopting a new puppy, which has been abandoned, from the local pound. However you may be able to find out the month of birth, which can help you to make the horoscope. You can get very close to the horoscope by matching the traits described below for different astrological signs.

Below are the horoscope details of puppies according to their astrological signs that will help you to select a puppy compatible to your requirements. Along with the human, the advantages are available to the puppies related to horoscopes. The online kundli match feature will deliver the effective results to the perfect partners. The compatibility requirements should match and the things should be noticed carefully to get the benefit. The understanding of the astrological signs are great with the priests. 

Aries puppies.

Puppies born between March 21 and April 19 have the Aries astrological sign. These puppies are full of vibrant energy, dynamic, lovely and very active. They love new and exciting things. They are adventurous and independent explorers. If you are an outdoor type of person who enjoys outdoor activities, adventures and hiking Aries puppies can prove to be very good companions.

Taurus puppies.

Taurus puppies are born between April 20 and May 20. By nature they are in contrast to Aries puppies. They are reserved, stable, loyal and dependable. They are affectionate animals and deep down they are in need of affection and security. They make the perfect companions for people who like peace and quiet like elderly people. They grow up to be calm but deeply devoted pets.

Gemini puppies.

Puppies born between May 21 and June 21 are Gemini puppies. They are bright and are the best candidates for dog obedience training. They can be taught tricks quickly and impress their tutors and masters. They are fun to be with and have very good communication skills. They are full of life and energy. Although they are a bit curious they are charming puppies.

Cancer puppies

These puppies are born between June 22 and July 22. They are emotionally very sensitive and affectionate. You can easily hurt their feelings by scolding them often. Cancer puppies are very caring and kind and make very loyal companions. You can always depend on them to be present when a person or animal needs love and sympathy. Handle them gently with lots of love and affection.

Leo puppies.

Puppies born between July 23 and August 22 are Leo. Just like people under the Leo Zodiac sign these puppies need a lot of attention and like to be at the center of everything. They make energetic and lively companions. Be sure to give it a lot of attention, admiration and recognition if your puppy is Leo. They are known as the dramatic dogs.

Virgo puppies.

Puppies born between August 23 and September 22 come under the Virgo zodiac sign. They are reserved and cautious. They prefer quite and peace and thus are happy when living with small families. They are clean, hardworking, kind and gentle. Virgo puppies like clean and tidy environments and keep their own environments as such. As they are hardworking they can be trained easily.

Libra puppies.

Born between September 23 and October 22 Libra puppies are the most easygoing amongst all puppies. Like Leo puppies they too like attention but prefer it to be low key. They are loving, gentle and affectionate. Your Libra dog or puppy will charm your guests because it is seldom aggressive. They are friendly towards everyone and have a beautiful appearance.

Scorpio puppies.

Scorpio puppies are the ones born between October 23 and November 21. If you want a loyal dog then the Scorpio puppy is for you. They are the most loyal of all puppies. They are quite sensitive and secretive in nature. They are intense and emotionally sensitive creatures. They will always remember a hurt and show aggressive behavior towards people who have hurt them in the past. They will reciprocate with a lot of understanding and loyalty if they receive the same from you.

Sagittarius puppies.

Sagittarian puppies are born between November 22 and December 21 and are very brave and smart. As adult dogs they have been known to have rescued people from life threatening situations like fires and floods. They are always looking for adventure and you will never have a dull moment around the Sagittarian happy go lucky puppy or dog. They are athletic, sporty but a little bit clumsy.

Capricorn puppies.

Capricornian puppies are born between December 22 and January. They grow to become serious and reserved dogs although as puppies they are fun to be with. They provide reliability and steadiness. Although very introverted and not easy to know, they make good, reliable and loyal pets.

Aquarius puppies.

Aquarian puppies are born between January 20 and February 18. They are the friendly type and love to meet other people and animals. They are the quirky type but fun to be with. They are themselves eccentric and are suited for eccentric owners who are not always methodical. They are never shy and like meeting strangers.

Pisces puppy.

Born between February 19 and March 20 the Pisces puppy seems to intuitively judge its companions mood. They intuitively guess what the owner is thinking and adjust themselves with his or her mood. The make true soul mates. Pisces puppies are quiet intelligent and wise although they may sometimes appear to be dreamy and disinterested in their surroundings. They need peace and quiet to remain healthy and happy.

Knowing about puppy horoscopes can help you to choose the most suitable puppy for your requirements once you have decided on the breed. This knowledge about puppy horoscopes will help you to make a wise choice as people usually get very attached to their puppies and keep them for life. It is not easy to give up a puppy once you have had it for some time. Such a decision is traumatic for the owner as well as the puppy. However, as astrology is not an exact science make use of this information wisely.

Buying a Chinchilla

Chinchillas are known for how soft and cute they are. They look like a giant mouse with a fluffy tail and they are also larger than your average mouse by at least ten times the size. They are very intelligent animals and they are also gentle as well. Chinchillas make excellent pets and they do not make a big mess like some other types of animals do. They will require dust baths, however. Chinchillas can never get wet! Never give your chinchilla a regular bath because the weight of the fur will crush the organs. When you clean the chinchilla’s cage make sure to dry the cage before putting the chinchilla back into the cage. If you are wondering does your chinchilla need a big space? Then you can click here and see why it is important that your pet has enough space to move around in their cage. 

You can not purchase one chinchilla and buy another chinchilla later down the road. If you want to buy two chinchillas you need to get them as a pair in the pet store. Make sure that the chinchillas are compatible before you buy them or you will end up with two chinchillas in two different cages. You will need to buy quite a few items for your new chinchilla. You will need a nice, large cage. You will also need a food dish, water dish, chew sticks, and toys. Don’t forget to purchase a dust bathhouse and volcanic dust at the pet store. Chinchillas need a dust bath several times a week.

It’s impossible to potty train a chinchilla. This is because chinchillas go to the bathroom about once every couple of minutes. You will need a cage with a liner on the bottom to place some type of bedding inside. If you don’t buy a cage with a liner you should expect to clean the cage out every couple of days. In addition to pellet food, chinchillas need some type of timothy hay or alfalfa to live on. This helps to grind down their teeth and keep them from becoming uncomfortable which will lead to them not eating.

Make sure that when you buy your chinchilla you take it to the vet for a check-up. Buy your chinchilla from a reputable pet store with standards. Look around for fish in quarantine tanks and new cages which say, “New arrivals, not for sale at this time.” That means that the pet store cares about animals and customers. Make sure that your chinchilla is active and playful. Look for obvious signs of illness. There are several different color variations of chinchillas. Some of them are light grey, dark grey, black, white, and ebony. Expect to spend around $150 for the chinchilla and $100 for the new cage.

What is a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is probably what most people think of when they hear the word “bankruptcy.” If one files Chapter 7 bankruptcy, one must pay one’s creditors what one can, including by liquidating any property that isn’t exempt, and then, with exceptions, one’s remaining debt is wiped out.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is considerably different. A Chapter 13 is a reorganization of your debt rather than a forgiveness of your debt. In effect, Chapter 13 requires you to still pay off much if not all of your debt, but it allows you to do so according to a plan that may not be consistent with your existing contractual obligations, and it allows you to hold onto most or all of the property you would lose under Chapter 7.

In order to be eligible for Chapter 13, your secured debt must not exceed a certain maximum adjusted annually (currently just over $1,000,000), and your unsecured debt must not exceed a different maximum adjusted annually (almost exactly one-third of the limit for secured debt). (Secured debts are things like mortgages and car loans, where there is some property the creditor could seize if you don’t pay.)

Assuming one’s debts do not surpass those limits, filing for Chapter 13 requires submitting a payment plan to a court. The payment plan must fulfill several conditions:

* The payment plan must last three years if one’s average income the last six months is below the median income for one’s state, and five years if it is above.

* The plan must specify the payments that will be made, when, and to which creditors.

* The plan must show that certain “priority debts” will be paid in full, including wages one owes to employees, alimony, child support, and certain tax debts.

* The plan must show that regular payments will be made to all other listed secured debts, even if they are not paid in full by the end of the three or five year period.

* The plan must show that secured creditors will be paid at least as much as they would have received under a Chapter 7 liquidation of assets.

* The plan must show that any remaining disposable income will go toward payment of all listed unsecured debts, even if they are not paid in full by the end of the three or five year period.

* The plan must establish that one is able to make reliable income projections that will enable one to meet the payments one proposes to make.

* One must have completed an approved credit counseling program before submitting one’s plan.

* One must pay a filing fee-currently $274.

The debtor then submits the payment plan to a bankruptcy court, and the court decides if it will accept it, based on how credible the income projections are and how reasonable is the amount one proposes to pay one’s creditors.

If the plan is accepted, then for as long as the specified payments are made, no listed creditor may come after the debtor, seize property, etc. If one fails to do what the plan outlines, the debts may be reinstated in full and the protection lost, or the court may modify the plan and maintain the protection if it believes unforeseeable hardship warrants doing so.

Sometimes if the debtor fails to meet the plan’s payments and the court does not modify the plan, the debtor basically files a Chapter 7 style bankruptcy after all.

During the three or five year period, one must complete an approved budget counseling program, in addition to the earlier credit counseling program. One may not, during this period, obtain any additional credit without the court’s permission.

If the three or five year period is completed successfully, all remaining listed debts are wiped out. One may also be released from the payment plan early if one pays off all the debts before the three or five year period is over.

It is important to note that like any other bankruptcy, Chapter 13 will show up on one’s credit report for ten years, and thus the negative ramifications of the bankruptcy on one’s financial well-being extend beyond the three or five years of the payment plan.

Whether a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is advisable, compared to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or compared to muddling through without declaring bankruptcy at all, will of course vary from case to case. Anyone in a bad enough position that they are considering these options will want to consult competent legal counsel for guidance.

To fully understand the system, it is advisable to consult your bankruptcy lawyer san diego ca. With their knowledge, expertise and experience, you will certainly be able to get support.  You just have to hire a reliable, professional and experienced one to make sure that you will have someone to trust and rely on.

Photoshop Tips For Quality And Speed

Even though a lot of easy-to-use image editing programs are now available online, we still say that Photoshop remains to be the best. There are so many things you can do with Photoshop that online image editing programs cannot offer. But Photoshop is also a software that is quite technical. By that, we mean in order for you to unleash Photoshop’s profound features, you need to develop your photo editing skills. Honestly, with all the video content that it is in our disposal online, learning how to use Photoshop is possible for anyone. But it can also take a lot of time. Usually, when working with images, you are required to work with pace and precision. Most of the time, those two elements don’t work well together. So, in this article, we are going to give you a few pointers on how to speed up your Photoshop tasks without having to compromise quality. 

Use Smart Objects

If you have ever tried resizing images, you might have noticed that the quality is altered as you do so. No matter what you do, your image just isn’t the same as it originally was. This is because as you stretch an image, the pixels will be widened as well. 

One way to fix this problem would be to turn a regular image into a smart object. By doing so, Photoshop will protect its pixels so that the quality of the image will not diminish as you try to resize it. 

Quickly Magnify Or Minimize The Size Of Your Brush

Sometimes what takes up a lot of your time in photo editing is having to swift through various menus to look for certain functions like making the brush bigger or smaller. Meanwhile, using the regular size of your brush will also double the amount of time you’ll need to color or paint a certain area of your image. To quick change the size of your brush simply click the [ and] buttons on the keyword. The [ button is for minimizing the brush whereas the ] button is for magnifying the brush. 

Stock Up On Shapes, Patterns, And Brushes

It’s true that Photoshop stores a lot of supply for the artist to choose from. However, the more designs and artwork you do, you’ll start to realize that Photoshop’s collections aren’t enough for you to artistically create a masterpiece. 

Every once in a while, you are going to need patterns, brushes, or even shapes that aren’t readily available on your Photoshop software. 

Don’t attempt to download as you go since this is going to take you a lot of time to do. Just looking for a website that offers high-quality materials is time-consuming as it is. But then after you find good websites, you still need to categorize which styles and designs you want to add to your collection. 

Due to the unpredictability of design elements, it is most recommended that you take a day off where you do nothing but stock up on the elements you need. By doing so, you’ll have your supply saved on your computer. By the time, you do need it, you can just immediately take the file to your Photoshop software.

Organize Your Layers

A lot of times, we become so excited to finish a design or graphic image that we neglect having to name and organize our layers. 

If you are only doing a simple edit or design, organizing your layers may seem to be irrelevant but it is still a habit that all artists need to practice. Why? Because when there comes a time when you need to make several edits, it will help you maneuver through your raw file if the layers are already organized. Sifting through unnamed layers will only increase the time it will take to finish the project. And if you find yourself to be unlucky, you might even be forced to create the project all over again if you really can’t work with the layers. 

When working with big applications like Photoshop, it is important to know how to work in the smartest way possible. Technical apps usually require the user to invest a lot of time but that doesn’t mean that you can swift the process one tiny step at a time. We can’t wait for you to try and apply these tricks. Go ahead now and download photoshop for mac.

How to Get More Out of Push-Up Exercises

Have you discovered the benefits of doing push-ups? Push-up exercises are among the best for building strength and upper body tone, but they also burn calories and boost fat burning too. If you do them correctly, they also help to strengthen the all-important core muscles that stabilize the entire body. Plus, you can do push-ups almost anywhere – no gym required.

On the other hand, most people don’t realize all of the benefits of push-up training because they only do them one way. Over time, their muscles adapt and they stop building strength. The key is to keep challenging the upper body muscle so they’ll keep growing and becoming stronger. Here’s how to get more out of your push-up exercises.

Get More Benefits from Push-Up Training by Using Proper Form

Many people cheat when they do push-up exercises by not using proper form. To do a standard push-up, the hands should be shoulder width apart and the toes and heels together with the body in a straight line from head to foot. Lower the body down with the back straight until the arms are parallel with the floor. It’s tempting to cheat by not going down far enough, but this will only make the exercise less effective. Learn to use proper form even if it means doing fewer repetitions. You’ll get better results in the long run by emphasizing quality over quantity.

Vary Your Hand Position

To get more benefits from doing push-ups, do some push-up variations with the hands close together and then further apart. You can even spread the feet apart to challenge different muscles and add variety. Again, emphasize form when doing push-ups variations and gradually work up to doing more when you can do them the right way.

Use a Stability Ball

Once you’ve mastered the basic push-up, try doing a set of push-up exercises with your legs resting on a stability ball. This is more difficult and requires balance, so don’t try it until you’re an old pro at doing the standard ones. With your legs elevated, you work the deltoids more, so look for more defined shoulder muscles when you add these to your routine.

Use a Medicine Ball

This is done like a standard push-up, but your hands are resting on the sides of a medicine ball instead of the floor. This gives the triceps a better workout and works the core muscles more because you have to balance. This is another one to do only after you can do at least twenty standard push-ups.

There are lots of other variations on standard push-up exercises that you can find online. The key is to keep varying the type of push-up training you do to challenge the muscles more and keep things interesting. Push-ups can also be added to interval training workouts to burn more calories. Try doing a few minutes of cardio and then a set of push-ups – alternating back and forth to target the muscles, burn calories, and tone the heart at the same time. Push-ups in all their many forms can make any workout more effective. Give them a try!

As an afterthought, once you are through with the pushups you can also try your hand out at cardio like cycling and treadmill, especially the latter as it will help you burn calories at a faster rate without any side effects and the treadmills at fitnessabout are one of the best at fitness centers.

How to Quit Smoking – One Former Smoker’s Story, Four Years Later

In May of 2004, I smoked my last cigarette.

I had started smoking nearly eight years before that. As a teenager, it was a form of rebellion. As a college student, it was a way to beat stress. As an adult entering the workforce, it was a way to take a break, and socialize with co-workers.

Smoking, I knew, was not without health risks. My family has a strong background of stroke and heart disease. Having seen close family members succumb to the effects of long-term smoking, my own health was a concern, but every time I tried to quit, I gave in. I made excuses. It wasn’t the right time, I didn’t feel like it, I was “too young” for anything to happen to me. But one night, I sat down and thought about it. I was 23. I had no energy. I woke up short of breath. I had a boyfriend that I loved (who is now my husband), and we were planning a future together. It was time to stop making excuses.

So, that evening in May 2004, I lit up my last cigarette.

The road to “being quit” wasn’t easy. I was tired, I was irritable, my hands shook, I would chew pencils in half and ruined the cap of just about every pen I owned trying to satiate the need to have something resembling a cigarette in my mouth. I probably single-handedly kept the Wrigley’s Gum business going for the first six months. But in the end, it was all worth it.

For anyone who wants to quit, here’s a quick “How to quit smoking” guide based on my experience.

You have to go “cold-turkey”.

I tried for the longest time to just “cut back” on cigarettes and taper off the addiction. I tried the gum replacement (which is expensive!) but in the end, the only way to do it was to take my remaining half-pack of cigarettes and snap them all in half, toss them in the trash, and get rid of all my matches and lighters. I replaced the cigarettes with chewing gum (and the pencils and pens that I mentioned earlier!) and drank a lot of water to try to flush the remaining nicotine out of my system. I won’t lie – the first two weeks were nearly impossible. I was a mess. I was mean to everyone. My former smoking buddies tried to talk me into smoking with them, offering cigarettes. But I said no. And after the first two weeks were up, though it was still tough, it was much smoother sailing.

Be prepared for temptation, and have a plan.

Like I mentioned, my former smoking buddies would try to talk me into smoking with them. During the times when the withdrawal was the worst, it was tempting, and sometimes the temptation was overwhelming. This is where gum, sugarless candy, and chewing on just about everything I could get my hands on came in handy. I also tried to schedule my breaks at work opposite my smoking buddies breaks – that way, if they were headed out for a smoke, I had an excuse – “Oh I was just out on a break, I have to get back to work now.”

Educate yourself on what to expect when you quit.

You can do some research about the best and effective ways on how to quit smoking. You can visut some reliable and reputable websites and you can also go and search ‘vape shop near me’ so you can have an alternative and start your quitting goal.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve already done some research on how to quit smoking, so you’re headed in the right direction. The internet was a great resource for me during this time. There are some great websites -” and are great places to start, as is the American Lung Association, These websites will help give you good reasons to quit, as well as giving you an idea of what to expect as you are going through nicotine withdrawal, so you know that what you’re feeling is normal and will pass.

Make a list of reasons why you’re quitting, and post them in a prominent place.

You can do this in a number of ways. The main way that I did it was to make a list of reasons, cut them up, and post each one in different places. I had one taped to my desk that said, “One of the additives in cigarettes is arsenic.” (Whether or not this is true is debatable – but at the time, it was enough to make me worry!) I had another in my wallet that said “Think of the future.”. This way, I had reminders everywhere I looked to keep me going on my journey to “being quit”. Keep in mind that, no matter how hard the withdrawal is, you are doing this for yourself, for your health.

Seek support.

This is probably the one thing that helped more than anything else. There are several “how to quit smoking” websites out there and many have message boards. These can be a great resource, as you can talk to other soon-to-be-ex smokers who are experiencing exactly what you are. It also helps to enlist your family as a support, whether they are smokers or not. My then boyfriend/now husband was truly my backbone as I was quitting. I could always tell him when I felt I was going to cave in, and he’d remind me why I quit. (One caveat here: if you’re quitting because someone is forcing you to, that won’t work – you need someone who is truly supportive and understanding and not threatening. It is a lot more difficult to quit if you’re doing it for someone else and not for yourself.)

Finally, don’t make any other big life changes until you’re comfortably “quit”.

A lot of people try to “do it all at once” – this was a factor in my previous inability to quit. I’d try to quit right when moving to a new state and transferring to a new college. It was too much change happening all at one time. There are really two addictions you have to fight when you quit smoking – the physiological withdrawal AND the withdrawal from the habit itself (for example, it took a long time for me to shake the habit of wanting to light up a cigarette when I got in the car, even though I didn’t feel the physical need to do so.) When you’re fighting off two addictions at one time, it’s best to be patient with yourself, so don’t put too much on your plate all at once.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way to finally kicking the smoking habit for good! Above all else, be patient with yourself. The effects of quitting smoking don’t go away over night, especially if you have been smoking for a long time. The worst of it is over within a few weeks, but I was still feeling some minor effects of it six months later.

Now that it’s been four years since that last cigarette, I can say without a doubt that every bit of struggle it took to quit smoking was worth it. I wake up able to breathe easier. I have more energy. I spend less on chewing gum and perfume to cover up the smell. And best of all, I can look forward to the future without worrying as much about having health problems related to smoking.

Quick and Easy Roof Repair

Have you noticed water in your light fixtures during the winter months? Maybe, you have come across soft spots or drooping on your rubber roof. I am here to walk you through the quickest and easiest way to do simple patch and caulk repairs. The longer you allow the moisture to enter the tears, cracks, and seems; the more work you ultimately will contend with. So, grab your household items below; and lets climb the ladder to a leak-proof roof.

  1. Rolling pin or a smaller hand roller.
  2. Caulk gun.
  3. Absorbent towels.
  4. Hammer.
  5. Scrubbing pads.
  6. Bucket of water.
  7. Petroleum distillate (any good cleaning product will suffice).

***You will need at least 24-48 hours of drying time; when all the work is complete. Check the latest weather reports to insure the proper situation can be had. Altogether, allow five to six hours from job start to finish. Don’t be alarmed, you only need 1-2 hours to complete the first few steps. There is a waiting period of 3-4 hours (spare time) between, then another hour to finish the project and clean up. Easy, right? Let’s get started by shopping for a couple of items we normally don’t keep, hanging around, in our garages.

Fixing roofs is a hard bound task and so when you’re out shopping, you can look up the best tools at Makita and use has 18v Makita impact driver as the source to find the choicest hammer, nail and chisel to help you out at this job.

Are you located in the general area of a Menards or Fleet Farm? If not, any hardware store should carry the two items you need to purchase. The first item on our list are “inside and outside corner” rubber patches. Don’t let the term “corner” fool you. They are simply round patches that can form to a corner. A box will contain four 8″ round rubber discs. They are large enough to be cut down to fit smaller holes/tears, just make sure you are leaving an ample diameter around your bad spot. The cost is roughly $25.00-$40.00 per box. The last item on our list; rubber caulk. A single $5.00 tube will cover quite an area, but extra is better than not enough. Well, we are ready to get the ladder out and have some fun.

Step One

Take the scrubbing pad and dunk it in the bucket of water. The surface needs to be cleaned. Next, take your towels and wipe the cleaned area dry. Move around the surface of the rubber roof until all the questionable spots are washed. Dropping a patch by each spot helps mark the area to be repaired. If you notice a nail or screw that is protruding, use your hammer and gently ease it back into its home.

Step Two

Re-cleaning the surface with a petroleum distillate product is essential. The patches will adhere better to the surface. Use your scrubber to clean the areas again. While the cleaning agent is drying, cut the patches if necessary, and load your caulk gun.

Step Three

Cover the bad spots with the patches and press them on. The rolling pin works like a charm. It prevents ripples and allows you to place pressure on the patches; helping them adhere. After covering all the spots desired; the waiting game begins. If another project is on the “honey-do” list, now is the time to take that on. Remember you have about 3.5 hours to spare.

Step Four

Climb back up and grab the caulk gun. All you need to do is lay a nice even bead around the entire perimeter of each patch. The roof may be hot, so be cautious when kneeling. After the caulking is complete, walk around the roof once more; insuring there are no missed holes or tears. Minuscule–pin holes or areas where it looks worn, can be quick fixed with just caulk.

Well that wasn’t so bad! You are done with a fairly easy and cost effective project–with energy and time to spare. Clean up is a breeze and having extra patches and caulk is not a bad thing. Label a small corner of your workbench or cabinet and store your items with this handy instruction sheet for future use. Congratulations, it is time to relax and get ready for your next project.

The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass is the latest in a series of fantasy epics that have been made into films on the strength of the good showings for The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Harry Potter series. It is based on the first book of a trilogy by Philip Pullman.

The Golden Compass shares with other fantasy epics certain formulaic characteristics. It is set in an alternate universe where magic of some sort exists. The central character is a person, in this case a cute, spunky young girl named Lyra, played by newcomer Dakota Blue Richards, about whom there is a prophecy. There is an evil force that threatens the world, in this case the mysterious Magisterium, in the books a counter part of the Catholic Church, the movie a somewhat more vague, perhaps more secular evil bureaucracy. There is a quest to be accomplished, which for Lyra to find out what is happening to children who are going missing and to rescue them, along with finding the secret of something called “dust” which binds all the universes and about which the Magisterium wants kept a secret.

And, finally, there are a host of fascinating supporting characters, ranging from the mysterious, evil Mrs. Coulter played with menacing eloquence by Nicole Kidman to a talking polar bear voiced by Ian McKellan. Rounding out the cast are Daniel Craig as Lyra’s scientist father, Sam Elliot as a cowboy/aeronaut, Eva Green as a flying witch, and Christopher Lee as the First High Councilor of the Magisterium. The drama of the poet tolkien wiki will induce the audience to take interest in the play. The mysterious drama will create an engagement of the person to watch the lord of rings.  

Lyra’s world is like a 20th Century Earth as imagined by Jules Verne. It is pseudo Victorian, with lots of steam engines and giant air ships plying the skies. Everyone has something called a Daemon, which represents their souls, accompanying them in the form of an animal. Lyra’s Daemon can shape shift. There are also a kind of Gypsy people called the “Gyptians” who figure prominently in the story,

The Golden Compass is a passable adventure story, with lots of cool special effects, some suspenseful moments, and some good acting, especially from Dakota Blue Richards for whom there must be a great future in film. The Golden Compass ends with an obvious intro to a possible sequel, which will be made if the film does well at the box office.

The Golden Compass has started a kind of controversy because of the theme of the books which advances atheism. The author, Philip Pullman, in fact considers himself a kind of anti C.S. Lewis, regarding religion as evil and contradictory to human freedom. In fact God is killed in a subsequent book, which sounds like something rather strange for an atheist to advance, since the central doctrine of atheism is that God does not exist.

The whole theme of religion as evil is absent from the movie. The Magisterium of the film wants to crush human freedom and to suppress free inquiry, but for reasons that seem vague to the casual viewer. Still it is a unique artistic choice to have a faceless bureaucracy as a heavy rather than a power mad monster like Sauron or Voldermort. The Magisterium could be the Catholic Church. It could be the old Soviet Union. Choose whatever makes you comfortable. It exists to be a threat to our heroes and their world and it performs that role with frightening menace.