Handbags have become a significant part of women’s life. More than just a helpful accessory that allow you to put all your essentials stuff, handbags have also become a fashion statement. Today, a right handbag can make your outfit even more fashionable and stylish. In different stores, we can notice that most of the mannequins dressed with the promoted outfits are matched with handbags as well. Hence, it is no doubt that handbags have been transforming the fashion industry in a more sophisticated and elegance manner.

In our generation today, there are different brands that offer wide variety of handbag designs, styles, colors and other features. Since handbags are now incorporated with outfits and fashion clothes, handbags also come in different materials and styles depending on the appropriate occasion and events to use them at. And just like fashion, handbags trends are also changing over time. The designs that were trendy years back may not be highly demanded today. Almost every year, new designs and styles are being introduced in the market. Hence, the handbags nowadays are very volatile when it comes to the demanded style and design of handbag lovers.

Despite the fact that handbags trends are changing over time, there are still designs that have never been out of fashion and trend. This design is no other than the classic style. Just like in the fashion industry, classic style has always present from the beginning even up to this day. That is why there is an old adage ‘ if you don’t want to go wrong, always go classic’. Classic style handbags serve as the middle ground between old fashion styles and the modern styles. Fashion and bags industry connect strongly through classic designs and styles.

But the power of classic styles and designs doesn’t end there. Both the fashion industry and producer of handbags are incorporating classic styles to either old styles or modern styles. This creates new forms of styles and design for handbags and clothing. Moreover, classic styles are also being incorporated in other seasonal designs. There could be a new classic design with a touch of summer approach, fall or winter designs. This only shows how flexible classic style is in the realm of fashion and handbag production. Thus, it is also the reason why this kind of industry has been on the rise in the past decades.

If you are an ardent handbag lover, you definitely want to try all styles of bags. While it is true that handbags are come in different brands and styles, classic style always serve as the savior for those who can’t choose between old and modern styles. The good news is, you can now choose your desired handbag with a combination of other elements and classic style and design. To help you out, this article will go through some of the handbag trends for women with classic style for this year 2019.

But before we could do that, let us first take a look on what brands you should buy. Say you want to buy a Gucci handbag. Choosing between an authentic Gucci vs replica Gucci is a huge dilemma for women when it comes to buying bag. For others, authentic handbags are way better than replicas because the first was certainly made from quality materials and produced from trusted brands. On the other hand, for people who don’t have quite enough money to buy authentic ones because they are expensive, buying replica handbags is the best option to choose. For them, replica handbags are way cheaper and yet, they are also made from quality materials.

This year’s fall season, the trendy handbags are mainly considered as reimagined classics incorporated with modernized takes made by different designers of different brands in the industry. Despite the new approach that designers used to create these trendy handbags, it is still ideal for all types of women. As such, let us take a look at this year’s fall season trendy handbags with classic style.

1. Croc Effect Bag

Croc effect bags may have been introduced already in the market in the past few years but this season; this fantastic bag has been improved and made modernized with touch of classic style still. The vintage-inspired croc bag was changed and it is popping up in a classic structured silhouettes in various types of fall color ways such as deep brown, mustard, and rich burgundy. So instead of your usual daily work purse, you may want to try swapping in a faux croc bag for a style that will last for a long period of time. This type of bag is available in different brands so you’ll have wide variety of options.

2. Classic Finishes

If you are looking for a bag that can be incorporated to any kinds of outfit, then classic finishes handbags are the best deal for you. It is considered as this fall season’s MVP accessory. It is prized, pint-sized mini bag. You can use this bag in your daily outfit for work or for casual setting. This bag also comes with different designs such as classic textures like sleek patent leather, together with bright and classy colors like cherry-red matte black, which you can easily rotate into your closet.

3. Shoulder Bag

Today, handbags are being made in a dual purpose design. As scih, shoulder bag has been revered fashion staple since its debut on the move ‘Sex in the City’. This season of fall promotes its return as fashion designers from different businesses have come together to design a classic bag into a new era with modern, bold hardware and more structured shapes that will make women feel more elegant and sophisticated and yet less bohemian.

4. Classic Box Bag

If you’re thinking of box bag as obsolete bags already, then you are wrong. With modern touch and style associated on it, box bags are back with trendy designs for this fall season. This type of handbag is ideal to use at work as it will make women look more smart, classy, sophisticated and professional.

5. Structured Tote

One of the most popular and trendy handbags in 2019 is the structured tote bag. Most of the bag manufactures are promoting this kind of bag. Structured tote bags are ideal for women who are always on the go. Most of the designs of these bags are classically styles and structured. To make it more classy, always opt for shades like navy, caramel or orange hue to revive the bag this season.

Ultimately, handbags designs and styles are changing over time. However, classic ones are still on the run and they keep on coming back with transformed and newly structured designs. Classic styles are now incorporated to the modern and trendy designs. This makes it more ideal for women who want to show their class, elegance and sophistication through classically structured bags. So if you are looking for a new bag that is trendy and relevant in today’s fashion, there is wide variety of options that you can choose in the market from different brands, whether authentic or replica ones.