Getting tired of the same interior design of your home? Do you want some change in your space? If your answers are all yes, you are in the right place. This article is intended for homeowners who like to have some interior design change to uplift harmony and design in their houses. Certainly, hiring an interior designer can transform your space into something you prefer and is impactful. But of course, hiring such professional can be a little bit expensive. But transforming you space into more significant and convenient setting doesn’t have to be costly. Fortunately, there are some simple interior design tricks and tips that you can employ too in an easy – not so costly manner, and without the help of an interior designer. Whether you just add some mirror, painting, botanical, or even a lamp, you can definitely change your space into a more comfortable and beautiful setting. Here are some of the simple interior design tips you can employ to get you started.

Paint your rooms with lighter and softer colors

As a rule of thumb, it is always recommended to use light colors in painting your walls or rooms. Light colors are known to be efficient in making your space look bigger so you can maximize your space and can put some of your stuffs and furniture accordingly. On the contrary, dark colors will make your space feel smaller so it is not advisable to use such colors because they minimize the space where other elements can be placed.

Use mirrors

Like light colors in painting your room, adding some decorative mirrors will make your space feel bigger. Mirrors also provide sophistication and class in every space setting so it is better to some in your room. In addition, mirrors also add light so place them directly across the windows so the light will come through and will be added instantly.

Add botanicals

If you are looking for inexpensive elements to add some accessories, color, texture and design elements to your space, go green and add some plants. You can put them in some spaces in your home. You can choose from variety of sizes and plant types. Plants do not only add class and beauty to your space but they are also essential elements in absorbing pollutants and harmful gasses.

Use patterns and mixtures

They key to having a dynamic, rhythmic and sophisticated space is to follow certain patterns and design in your interior. The good thing is that you can combine patterns and mixtures at the same time. You just have to choose the best design and pattern that best describe your interests and personal style and you’re all set up. You can choose a certain theme for your space. It could be an antique design, modern style, contemporary, or anything that you personally prefer.

Generally, there are certain ways you can change your interior design with minimal effort and cost. You just have to be creative and you just need to unleash the inner interior designer side of yourself! For more tips and tricks, you can visit