The great thing about kids is their predictability. You don’t need to conduct a research just to know what they would want totoy receive on their birthday or even this coming Christmas. You know for a fact that kids only want one thing: toys. So, basically all you have to do is buy the item and hide the present so well that your kids won’t be able to guess that there was a surprise.

But unfortunately, nothing is ever that simple. If you try sneaking into the mall or the grocery store to buy a toy, your kid will surely find out. Needless to say, the safest way to go about this is to purchase your gift online. With that in mind, we’ve set up some ground rules that you might want to follow to get your kid the best toy.

1. Make Sure That The Toy Is Something That Will Spark The Interest Of Your Kid

Just because your kid wants a toy does not mean that you can just get him any toy that you see. You also have to be selective. There is nothing worse than getting a gift for someone who did not appreciate it. If you are going to give your kid a toy, this corresponds that you also want him to enjoy it.

That being said, you ought to look back on the types of toys your kid usually plays with. Does he like guns? Puzzles? Or digital toys? Maybe a Wooden Stubborn Man Toy?

You might also want to look into the particular hobbies that your kid has. This will enable you to buy a toy that he will actually appreciate.

2. Make The Toy Extra Special

You can choose a toy that is related to favorite character of your kid. Other than that, you can also insert a small card with a message. You can tell your kid how much the particular character reminds you of him.

If the character is a superhero, you can point out simple things that the kid does that makes him similar to someone who has super powers.

You are the only one who knows your kid in such a deeper level. With that, it should be easy for you to determine what aspects of a game your kid will love. Maybe your kid loves to watch horror movies. In that case, you can buy boardgames that features zombies or any other scary subjects.

3. Take Your Kids’ Age Into Consideration

There are times when you run across a toy that looks really cool but this does not mean that the toy will be suited for your kid.

The reason for this is that kids can have various toy preferences depending on their age. If your kid is about two years old, you might as well choose toys that are slimy or fuzzy. Perhaps, getting your two-year old a tiny ball would cheer his spirits this Christmas day.

However, if your kids are already in preschool, they would probably appreciate computerized toys such as an Xbox or a PC tablet.


There are so many factors to consider when purchasing a toy for your kid. Make sure that you do not just choose a toy because it looks good to you. It would also be a good idea to analyze the interests of your kid as an individual.