just about every American has dealt with back pain now and again. But is there anything you can do about it besides take drugs? Absolutely! Even if you have chronic lower back pain, these three exercises, when done on a consistent basis, will reduce your pain without medications. Sound like great news? Well, take a look. These exercises have been demonstrated and approved by the Central Texas Sport and Spine Center and can be followed by people of all ages.

Pelvic tilt

You might feel a little silly when you first do this, but when your back pain is less frequent you’ll be the only one laughing. Lie on the floor (or a floor mat) with your back flat to the ground, knees bent, and feet planted. Find the arch in your back with your hand, which is about the level of your waist. When lying on your back you should be able to find the arch space quickly. Now comes the super easy part. Push your pelvis back so that the arch space of your back is flat against the floor. It is a very small tilting movement back; so don’t try to make it more complicated than it is. You should feel a little pull in your stomach if you are doing it correctly. This exercise might seem very simple, but it is working on the muscles that help your back become stronger and less prone to injuries. Do this pelvic tilt at least fifty times, doing two sets a day, and you will find your back will feel in better shape in no time. It helps your posture too!

Arm and Leg lifts

This Pilates move contributes to better balance and spine stabilization. Get on all fours, using a yoga mat or the rug (rigid wood floors are hard on the knees). Make sure your knees and arms align right-to-right and left-to-left. Your legs and arms should only be body width apart. The hard part about this exercise is doing it correctly. Pretend you have a cup of tea on your lower back that you need to keep level or it will fall. As you keep your back stationary and level, slowly raise your left arm, then your right leg. Make sure that they are only as level as your body, taking care not to move your lower back into a sloping position. This is harder than it seems. You should probably have someone observe the first time so you can figure out what it feels like when you are level, since it is hard to determine that without a mirror. Repeat this exercise raising left arm and right leg, than alternating to right arm and left leg. Take it slow. Pilates isn’t about speed, it is about balance and using the proper techniques. Do this at least 15 times for each alternation in sets of two each day or every other day. This will strengthen your back and improve balance.

Back roll

This exercise is done with an exercise or Swiss ball. The ball can be any size so long as it will support both legs on top of it in a somewhat 90 degree angle. Lie on your back with your legs on top of the ball as the starting position. Now slowly rock side-to-side, with your back and upper body stationary. You don’t need to go very far on each side, just enough to feel a stretch, but no back pain. This simple exercise does your lumbar a world of good. The little muscles that are around your spine are not utilized by doing everyday activities. By doing this focused activity, you can build up those muscles and ease the pain as well as help prevent herniated discs. Repeat this exercise 20-25 times back and forth and do a few sets of it. Because it isn’t a very challenging or even sweaty activity, you can do in the morning before work, or before bed.

Combining these three simple exercises in your daily routine can help reduce the ache of lower back pain and build a stronger lumbar.