An induction cooktop works by the energy that is produced by the electromagnetic waves on the sides of the glass surface. It does not let the surface of the stove to get heated and keeps it cool by providing the same services as an electric stove by producing no flame. It does not make the base of the cooktop hot while the induction process is going on. The heat between the magnetic field and the cooktop will determine that your food is cooked.

The things you should consider before buying an induction cooktop are:

  1. Extremely fast cooking: The ferrous layer on the foundation of the pan will provide aid in heating the food faster. It will not cause the burning of food but will provide help in fine heating.
  2. Automatic switch-off: You do not need to take care of the food that has been ready or not because the switch will automatically do its work and will switch off when the food is prepared completely. Therefore, you are advised to pick the one that has the desired option available.
  3. Sensors for safety: The induction cooktop is not at all risky and vulnerable to heat. They come with sensors that tell you when you should touch it and when not. And it will also let the user know whether it has any pan over it or not.
  4. Cut-out safely: The cut-out will be automated, and you are not required to perform any specific operations to cut the heating process. The overheating will not be there through this feature.
  5. Automatic heating: The heating process will not need any kind of human interference. It will automatically be heated up the food even without the need for stirring. For more types you can check here .
  6. Optional boost-up heating: There is an option in induction cooktops that will allow extra fast heating of the food if pressed the particular button.
  7. Pan spotter: The latest and advanced techniques have this feature of detecting if the cooktop has pan over it or not. It will begin its heating procedure only when the pan is placed on it. It will not work when there is nothing placed on the top of it.
  8. Child lock: The toddlers at home might disturb the function keys, and the heating might get disrupted, hence there is now provided a child lock that will stop the functioning of all other keys until it is unlocked.
  9. Temporary pause: The new models have come with a pause button that might temporarily cease the position of the food as well as of all the buttons of the induction cooktop. You can un-pause it anytime by clicking again on the same pause button.
  10. Easy to clean: Induction cooktops are super easy to clean, and it does not require a lot of water and detergent. It can be cleaned with the assistance of a wet tissue or wipe conveniently as well. Through this, the wastage of water will be denied.
  11. Does not let it overflow: The side cracks and lips of the induction cooktop do not allow any food to overflow the controlling buttons.
  12. Saves electricity: The cooking heat zones of an induction cooktop are divided into two zones, but only one zone can be operated in high power mode, and the other one will be used in low power mode. This will quickly make the food as well as will cut down the electricity bills.

Induction cooktop vs. gas stove: 

  • The heat produced by the induction cooktop will be consumed more than 90% while cooking food items on it. On the other hand, only 40-50% of the heat will be utilized in the case of the gas stove.
  • It takes minimum or little time to heat the food on an induction cooktop and take several minutes to do the same on a gas stove.
  • Different temperatures can be set for heating in the induction cooktop whereas, only three, i.e., low, medium, and high flames, can be selected in gas stoves.
  • It is pricy to buy an induction cooktop at first, but later on, it saves on the electricity bills, while it is so burden to pay the prices of the gas cylinder.


By considering these points, you can buy a perfect and suitable induction cooktop for your kitchen with fewer bills being paid and saving electricity. It is a super-fast way to prepare food that comes with innumerable incredible features. Buying an induction cooktop with an iron coating on the base of the pan will lead to rapid heating of the food. The base can be checked by placing a magnet under the pan. If it sticks to it, then it is ferrous. Therefore, it is advised to check the product carefully before making the deal.